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Shape, Space, & Measures

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As part of BBC Learning, this Bitesize math review is great for students age 7-11. This interactive site has students practicing all sorts of measurements including two-dimensional shapes, three-dimensional shapes. angles, time, and symmetry. Included is a short video for each topic, a way to read about it, and a brief quiz. The videos include games that are engaging, the text explanations are very understandable, and a multiple choice quiz accompanies each topic.

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Shapes Splat

In this learning game, students identify shapes by shooting the shape that matches the given word.

Interactives, Geometry 3D Shapes

Interactives, Geometry 3D Shapes This resource investigates 3D shapes in Geometry. There are tutorials on surface area, volume, Euler’s Theorem, and platonic solids. There is also an introduction and an interactive activity to test the students on skills taught. Annenberg Media

Get Your Blog in Shape

Name: Get Your Blog in Shape Stacy Roper teaches Physical Education at J.H. House Elementary School in Conyers, Georgia. Roper created “Get Your Blog in Shape” to provide the school community with relevant health and fitness information. The majority of posts contain links to various articles or Web resources