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Name:Sites for Teachers

Brief Description of the Site:
This portal lists sites by the number of ‘hits’ they receive. At the time of this writing the most-visited site was, a comprehensive site offering everything from lesson plans through gradebooks to posters and DVDs. At the opposite end was, a site dedicated to … blowing bubbles, playing bubble games, etc. And in between are links to some 981 other sites on 15 pages. For example, there’s: Resources for Catholic Educators, offering religion-themed links, clip art, and even crossword puzzles; ESL KidStuff which enables ESL teachers to create flashcards, worksheets, and games;, run by a former teacher who will write a customized retirement or tribute poem in 24 to 60 lines (that’s six to 15 verses) for $40, $55, or $70. Scattered among these are some commercial sites, but not so many as to be annoying. Browsing Sites for Teachers takes time, but it’s time well-spent.

How to use the site:
Browse! Surf! Enjoy! The experience is like being at a flea market of Web sites — you’ll be amazed at the variety and sometimes overwhelmed by the quality of some sites (and under-whelmed by others). As they say, what is to one man Steak Tartare is to another mere un-cooked hamburger. Yet, depending on one’s interests and needs, there are some real gems here, and two-thirds of the fun is seeking them out. It’s also a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that there are hundreds of Web sites aimed solely at educators.

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