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Six Steps to Flipping a Classroom

ELearning Infographics shares insight into the essential steps to flip your classroom.
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ELearning Infographics shares insight into the essential steps to flip your classroom. For a handy visual, head over to the Web site. The steps identified are surprisingly simple:

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1. Plan: Identify which lesson you want to flip.

2. Record: Make a video that incorporates your classroom lessons.

3. Share: Send the video to your students, explaining that it will be discussed in class.

4. Change: After students view the lesson, they’ll be prepared to take a deeper dive into the concepts discussed.

5. Group: Split students into groups and give them a task to perform. Make it fun—examples include writing a poem or making a video.

6. Regroup: Bring the students back together to share everyone’s work. Ask questions to encourage comprehensive understanding.



Flipping the Classroom

Teachers from around the world have adopted the flipped classroom model and are using it to teach a variety of courses to students of all ages.

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Tools and Tips for the Flipped Classroom

These days many teachers are thinking about flipping their classrooms. Incase you’ve been offline for the last year, flipping a class means taking normalclassroom activities, such as lectures or demonstrations, and substitutingthem for activities that are typically done outside of the classroom.

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The Four Steps of Flipping

The Flipped Learning Network recentlyreleased the following “Four Pillars” thatteachers must incorporate to create a“Flipped Learning” experience:

Video production, step by step

Kids' Vid provides students and teachers with the  tools and instruction necessary to plan, script, create, edit, and show videos in the classroom. It includes lessons, example video clips, pre- and post-production tips, and advice from other kids. Following the steps and stages that are recommended can insure that