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Strategies for Delivering Required ESSA Reporting and Supporting Student Success

Strategies for Delivering Required ESSA Reporting and Supporting Student Success

As educators know, high school graduation rate is one of the five indicators for all states to include in their ESSA plans. Additionally, 70% of states incorporated a college/career-focused measure as the fifth indicator in their school accountability system to measure school quality/school success. How can you effectively navigate through complex data limitations to ensure you meet ESSA goals for student graduation and postsecondary readiness? Join our webinar with BrightBytes’ Chief Client Services Officer, Kristal Ayres, Ed.D, and Jenny Scala, Senior Researcher at the American Institute for Research (AIR) to discover how you can move beyond compliance to provide all students with positive trajectories, and the education necessary to thrive.

BrightBytes and AIR® have partnered together to develop the Early Insights suite providing education organizations with a scalable, comprehensive system to capture actionable data and ensure students are on the right path to complete high school and succeed beyond graduation. The platform serves as a single data source for measuring progress and meeting state reporting requirements.

Join our webinar to learn how you can go beyond compliance, to collect, analyze, and report on actionable data that has potential to change the trajectory of student lives. You’ll discover:
● Why working to meet ESSA requirements provides educators with an opportunity to impact millions of student lives
● How to move beyond reactive compliance to proactive action
● What college and career readiness means and its impact on student trajectories
● Plus more!

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