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Think Your Anti-Virus Protection Is Enough? Think Again.

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IT departments must deal with threats from every direction. Spyware, viruses, trojan horses-even students and teachers can inadvertently click on the wrong website and bring a network down. All of these issues waste IT time and dollars, and stop the tech team from making networking improvements. Once, all you needed was anti-virus protection; today, that's not enough. To truly protect a computer network, you need several layers of protection.

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Free Virus Protection Software

Question: Are there any good and free antivirus programs available for schools to use? The IT Guy says: The free antivirus and anti-spyware software programs of which I am aware are free for home users only, not for organizations of any type, including schools. AVG Anti-Virus is one software application in this

Is a good constitution enough?

The Center for Civic Education presents excellent discussion topics to incorporate into your lessons on rights and responsibilities of citizens. Features questions to encourage debates or essay ideas. The Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation.  courtesy of netTrekker

How to Protect Your Children Online is the only social networking site for kids and teens that's backed by the Federal Trade Commission through the site's Privacy Vaults approval. It requires verified parental consent for a minor to log on or join. Yoursphere protects children