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Timelines: A History of Britain

Several interactive timelines make learning about the history of Britain fun and interesting.
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Several interactive timelines make learning about the history of Britain fun and interesting. This site provides timelines on topics like “Changing Lives,” “Rulers and Ruled, “Nations and Empires,” “Smallpox Through Time,” “A Golden Age? 1900-1914,” and many more. The timelines contain links to pictures and videos to help students learn more about each time period and each event.

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British History Timeline

British History Timeline Using this fascinating timeline, you can zoom through the history of Britain from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages through the centuries to 2007. Choose events for all of Britain or for the individual countries of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There are

Timeline of Computer History

Timeline of Computer History For some of us, computers are relatively new, while for others (i.e. our students) there has never been a time without computers. This excellent segment of the Computer History Museum site offers the history of computers either by year or by topic (storage, components,

Ages of English Timeline

Ages of English Timeline This interactive timeline breaks the history of the English language into ten periods. For each period, you can learn some history, hear a segment of the language spoken as it would have sounded at the time, learn how the language was changing at the time, see some words

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Hispanic History in the Americas

This interactive map with timeline links will allow students to explore the history of Hispanic people in the Americas including South America, Central America, Mexico, California, New York, Florida, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Freedom: A History of US

Name: Freedom: A History of US Brief Description of the Site: Based on Joy Hakim's critically acclaimed book this PBS television series come with a remarkable web site to study American history. The site follows the series sequence and is divided into "Webisodes". Access to the book and the series would be nice

Tech Timeline

Tech Timeline This fascinating timeline, tracing important developments in Information Technology, is but a small part of the "Girls Are I.T." site presented by the Girl Scouts of America. Users may either mouse over each icon for a quick summary or click each to obtain detailed information

The Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century

The Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century Who was U.S. president before Truman? Who followed him? If you often have trouble recalling facts such as these, bookmark this site, which offers not only a timeline of every 20th Century president (having assumed office on January 20, 2001,