T&L Live PD Library: Blended, Flipped and Personalized Learning

T&L Live PD Library: Blended, Flipped and Personalized Learning

The Latest Tech ToolsChris Skrzypchak, Gerry Marchand and R.J. Gravel discuss the latest tech tools for blended and personalized learning, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of these tools.

Building District Capacity

Panelists Hilary Lundgren, William Black, Jessica Geremia, Jason Appel and moderator Maeve Murray share their insights on how to build district capacity in blended and personalized learning programs.

Best Practices

Presenters Matthew Joseph, Rachel Discko, Arzinia Gill, Anna Nolin, and moderator David Ross consider the use of technology to tailor instruction, expression of learning, individual assessment and more.

Blended Learning: The Key to Personalized, Scalable Instruction?

Brent Hollers and Amanda Massie share their stories of how they used blended, online, and virtual learning to improve the learning experience for their students.

Blended Learning: Is it the Answer?VIDEO

Kecia Ray’s keynote focuses on ways in which “disruptive” ideas from such leaders as Michael Horn and Clayton Christensen can scale to a larger, established school district.

Flipping and Blending Learning for Maximum ImpactVIDEO

Jon Bergmann, one of the two “fathers” of the flipped classroom, leads a learning discussion with Dale Loggins, Joe Taylor, Kecia Ray and audience members.

Next Steps for Flipping the Classroom: Part OneVIDEOSLIDES Dan Gagnon, Andy Boyle, Max Monroe and Randy Smith discuss their approaches to flipping the classroom and invite conference participants to join in.

Next Steps for Flipping the Classroom: Part TwoVIDEO Back by popular demand, Dan Gagnon and panelists Matthew Barry, Becky Faulkner, Clint Purcell and Jeff White discuss what’s working for them -- and audience members – in the flipped classroom.

Pedagogy and Practices for Personalizing Learning Kim Carter'sHeather Neil's Digital handouts from this session, which looked at best practices and resources to help teachers let go and embrace student personalization.

Make it Meaningful: How to Personalize Learning for Every StudentSLIDES

Information-packed slide deck from Aaryn Schmuhl, Angie Foerster, Kari Nguyen, and Justin Castile with background info (including a video about Skinner’s early teaching machines) and current examples of personalized learning initiatives.

Tools and Approaches to Digital Assessment SLIDES

Slides from presenters Connie White, Eva Harvell, and Jaime Vandergrift

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