Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Considerations for Buying a Classroom Projector
Find out how the industry is responding to K-12 requests with exciting new options for this essential classroom tool.

2 10 Online Summer Learning Opportunities
Kids in grades K-8 might not even realize how much math, science, or language arts they’re learning with these fun, educational, and affordable online programs.

3 A Few Ideas for Using Skype in the Classroom
Bring the world into your classroom with author chats, mystery travel, and more, and watch your students engage and interact, with these tips from Pernille Ripp.

4 From the Classroom: Best Tech Practice Video of the Week—Mouse Squad
Students in grades 4–8 maintain and repair their school’s computers! Be inspired by this innovative after-school computer training and service program.

5 Chromebook Inventory Tool
Manage your Chromebook inventory, including metadata, with this free and easy-to-use tool that enables you to filter, edit, and bulk update.

6 Fun App Builds Math Comprehension
3rd Grade Math Planet is a comprehensive practice tool that features a variety of miniactivities to engage students and a Skill Tracker that displays progress in content areas.

7 Google Classroom Mobile Apps
Find out how much more teachers can do on Google Classroom as a result of Google listening and responding to teacher feedback.

8 Empowering Tool Will Make Kids Want to Write
Kids can write stories, get feedback, and publish their work with this easy-to-use, researchbacked writing tool that includes great tips for teachers, too.

9 The Big Ten
Read Tech & Learning’s List of the Most Influential People in EdTech for 2015.

10 8 Digital Resources to Stay Connected to Families
Share what’s happening at school even when students aren’t in school—consider using these free social media tools to share accomplishments, applications, resources, and more.