Key Considerations for Buying a K-12 Classroom Projector in 2015

Key Considerations for Buying a K-12 Classroom Projector in 2015

New technology for classroom projectors is expanding the life of the projector, decreasing total cost of ownership, and most importantly accommodating wireless connection to multiple mobile devices and the transition to digital learning.

Let’s begin with a short video from Joe Nowak, director of technology in Grayslake School District in Illinois. Having an interest in laser and LED technology, Joe was curious to see how bright the new light source would be. He was impressed by both the brightness and the quietness of the projector as well as the lack of maintenance required after the projector had been installed.

Next – a white paper that explores how the market for classroom projectors is changing and expanding as more technology is integrated into the curriculum. The white paper addresses the safety issues of traditional mercury-based projector lamps and the need to replace them. But even more important is the change that the new technology is supporting in the classroom. Connectivity with wired devices allows the teacher to take full advantage of digital teaching tools and move freely around the classroom sharing the screen with students and their mobile devices.

For a look at the features and benefits of one of the most popular new projectors check out this quick video of the Ultra Short Throw Projector.

Finally, let’s close with another perspective from actual districts– this time in Nova Scotia. Find out why they’ve decided to switch to new Casio projectors.