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Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 New Tools for Schools (opens in new tab)
Explore all that’s new and noteworthy in the world of edtech.

2 Six Reasons to Have an e-Learning Committee (opens in new tab)
Find out how forming this kind of committee can help your school. Keep up with the rapidly changing world of tech.

3 Reading Short Stories for Plot, Character, and Purpose
Bring classic short story gems to life for your students while also improving their reading comprehension and fluency.

4 School Libraries Join Forces with Tech Departments (opens in new tab)
A merger between technology and library teams has helped both to maintain a laser focus on teaching and learning, with technology as the tool to help student learners succeed.

5 VA District Saves Over $100K Adopting Bulb-Free Projectors (opens in new tab)
Learn how one district is saving thousands of dollars every year—in bulb and electricity costs, labor, dust filters, and more—by going bulb-free.

6 Teaching the Emoji Generation (opens in new tab)
Teach your students through emoji poetry, polls, songs, word problems, translations—even Shakespeare!

7 Back to School Like a Boss! 10 Survival Tips (opens in new tab)
Top tips from Shelly Terrell for a motivated, encouraging, proactive, engaging, and fun start to the new school year.

8 My Culture Quest (opens in new tab)
Culture Quest is an interactive, fun, and interesting way for your students to learn more about art, history, and culture.

9 Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools (opens in new tab)
Michael Gorman shares great video tools for assisting and amplifying, but not replacing, the art of teaching.

10 Digital Storytelling: What it is… and… What it is NOT (opens in new tab)
Digital storytelling has opened up new horizons, but make sure your students aren’t substituting tools for skills and meaningful communication and collaboration.