Trending: Top 10 Stories for October 2019

1 A Template to Help Students Tap into Their Genius Potential (opens in new tab)
Set aside class time each week for students to work independently on a project related to their interests or passions.

2 21 Things Every 21st-Century Educator Should Try This Year (2019 Version) (opens in new tab)
This update of a 2014 list will help us grow as learners and educators. Try one or two of these fresh ideas in your classroom this year.

3 Makerspaces A to Z: Impactful (opens in new tab)
Resources to create meaningful makerspaces that are powerful learning environments.

4 Google Slides for “Lab Reports” (Update) (opens in new tab)
Streamlining the slide template with instructions, video, and rubrics.

5 AV Goes Accessible (opens in new tab)
The innovative use of AV features to benefit all students is making learning more inclusive.

6 Is Your Chromebook Care Policy Complete? Here’s How to Amp It Up (opens in new tab)
Tips for thinking beyond the legal aspects of device care.

7 The Best Chromebooks of 2019 (opens in new tab)
The best Chromebooks now are not just more powerful than ever, but they’re also more flexible and boast longer battery lives.

8 Back to School with Sphero Robots (opens in new tab)
Cool programmable robots transform the way kids learn and create through coding, science, music, and the arts.

9 20 Sites/Apps Every Teacher Should Try for Back to School (opens in new tab)
Games, assessments, puzzles, keyboarding, math practice, digital canvas, and more!

10 5 Things You Need to Know About Kahoot’s Summer Update (opens in new tab)
New features for this highly engaging way to connect students with content in the classroom.