Video In Education Survey Reveals Trends In Digital Literacy

Video In Education Survey Reveals Trends In Digital Literacy

Kaltura (, a provider of video technology platforms, published its State of Video in Education report, a comprehensive international study that examines the evolving use of video in education. Over 1,200 respondents undertook the online survey. Survey highlights include:

* 40% of respondents rate students’ digital literacy levels as “very good” versus 23% for teachers.

* 93% of respondents say that teachers create custom videos, while 88% call out students as creators of videos at their organizations.

* 67% of respondents say that video is used in student assignments, while 59% say it is used for lecture capture.

* 79% of institutions today employ one or more ROI measure to analyze their use of video.

* Using video for remote teaching/learning is now commonplace in higher education (66%), while flipped classrooms are becoming a widely used form of pedagogy (46%).

* Video is also used in a wide range of use cases outside the classroom including: recording school events for on-demand viewing (53%), marketing and communications (50%), and even as part of the admissions process (24%).

* 70% of institutions use webcasting for various purposes including teaching (47%), training (42%), and broadcasting live events (42%).

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