Voices of Civil Rights

Voices of Civil Rights

This is a strong, forceful site focusing on Civil Rights and can be used in the classroom as a resource for diversity and multiculturalism study. This joint project of AARP and the LCCR seeks to provide a common place for people to share their experiences from the turbulent historical beginnings of the civil rights' movement as well as contemporary insight. The "Stories of Hope and Courage by Ordinary People" are truly inspirational. These stories contain deep personal feelings never told before. Other inspiring aspects of this site include the "Unfinished Business" of the Brown v. Board of Education decision and "New Voices," about the young activists who seek to carry out the visions of the original leaders. The large compelling graphics, an interactive timeline, and a video of striking photos set to music make this a dramatic website.

AARP and Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

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Sharyl Barnes