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Wacky Web Tales: Holiday Sing-A-Long

Looking for a resource that combines grammar and fun?
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Looking for a resource that combines grammar and fun? Look no further. Wacky Web Tales uses parts of speech to create silly stories and can be extremely entertaining. Students will test their knowledge on parts of speech as they fill in this web tale called the "Holiday Sing-A-Long". Once completed, the reading of the web tale will reveal just how wacky it turned out....enjoy!

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Wacky Web Tales(2)

Wacky Web Tales Wacky Web Tales is a fun and interactive grammar review, similar to the old "MadLibs" game that some of us recall. Students fill in blanks for different parts of speech (adjective, transitive verb) and, when they're done, the program inserts these volunteered words into a story, creating

Wacky Web Tales

Name: Wacky Web Tales Brief Description of the Site: Wacky Web Tales is a digital "Mad Libs" and a language arts link from Houghton Mifflin's Education Place at http://www.eduplace.com/main.html. It is useful for teaching and reviewing parts of speech in a useful and fun way. How to use the site: Students

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