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Witnessing A Dream

 NPR provides a captioned video slideshow that showcases highlights from Barack Obama's inauguration.  1 min, 43 sec courtesy of netTrekker
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 NPR provides a captioned video slideshow that showcases highlights from Barack Obama's inauguration. [1 min, 43 sec]

courtesy of netTrekker



Death of the Dream

This PBS site explores the storied history of rural life in the Midwest. You can tour a virtual farmhouse, read poetry of the time, and see examples of prairie architecture. courtesy of netTrekker

Green Dreams

Green Dreams Experts agree that there has to be an alternative to fossil fuels. But are plant-based Biofuels the answer? From national Geographic comes this incisive look at the very complex topic of finding ways to replace our dependence on oil as a fuel. National Geographic

There's A Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak

Guide to an exhibition at The Rosenbach Museum on Maurice Sendak. Includes video interviews with the author, an extensive collection of illustrations, and insight into the mysterious themes that are woven into Sendak's works.  courtesy of netTrekker   

Wright Flyer Project: Dreams of Flight

A few years ago a group of engineers met at Flabob Airport in California to analyze the characteristics of the first plane and its flight to see if they could make a replica that would fly.

A look at a 15th century Flemish masterpiece

A full featured exploration of a sumptuous portrait of the Virgin and Child by Van Eyck, with insightful descriptions, analysis, and interpretative commentary. From the Web site of the Louvre. courtesy of netTrekker

A World Portrait

100 People uses a representative sample of people to illustrate global statistics on health, gender, literacy, religious affiliation, population distribution, language, and poverty.courtesy of netTrekker

BEESWAX: Picture and News from Around the World

 BEESWAX is a photographic news reporting service that uses briefly captioned photographs to inform young learners about recent newsworthy events from every corner of the globe. Updated twice weekly. courtesy of netTrekker