By Jon Castelhano, CIO Advisor

It's Over

Isn't it amazing how fast time passes when you are engaged in something you enjoy doing? The ISTE conference is one of those things that always seems to go by a bit to quick for me. It's that one session that you just could not squeeze in, the BYOD session that you didn't register for early enough, and most importantly that last opportunity to talk with someone from somewhere else. But that is the great thing about making all those connections, they are so engaging and refreshing, that you can't wait to plan for next year's trip.

Not A Commercial
I know that sounded like a paid advertisement for the conference, but that is not my intention. The point that I am trying to make is very simple—we enjoy taking part in engaging activities. The range of those activities are all over the board at the conference, lectures, panels, BYODs, keynotes, poster sessions... the list goes on.

The Magic

So what is the piece that makes all the different varieties of presentation so engaging? Wait for it ... the presenter(s). The great ones are able to use a variety of ways to engage us and keep us glued to their words, but more importantly, they creatively find ways that allow us to participate, collaborate and create, all within a small window of time. A good presenter quickly makes a connection with the audience, has us involved in communicating with one another and often leaving with something we have created. Hmm, this is sounding very similar to what a teacher does on a daily basis. Maybe start over and replace conference with classroom and presenter with teacher; any similarities? Good teachers, like good presenters, use a variety of approaches to make the magic happen and technology plays a very meaningful part. Take some time and review your ISTE notes, reflect on the experience, and share all the magic with others.

Jon Castelhano is director of technology for Apache Junction USD in Arizona. This blog is cross posted on his blog, This and That.