Hybrid education model brought to China

Thesys International, an education technology business that offers a hybrid online/classroom approach to education, is moving into Chinese markets as part of Fairmont Private Schools' expansion in Asia. Fairmont Private Schools has added new hire Kenny Zhou to bring the Fairmont Joint Diploma Program and Thesys International EPL courses to Chinese schools.

The Joint Diploma Programs prepare foreign-born students to transition to higher education in Western countries, while Thesys International's EPL courses support students' proficiency in academic language.

Thesys EPL courses, as part of Fairmont's Joint Diploma Program, are designed to prepare students to continue their education in Western countries through exposure to American teaching methodologies and curricula, including College Prep, Honors, Advanced Placement and English-language training. Participating schools get support in creating counseling programs and knowledge to best prepare their students for American college admissions.