BETT 2012: Your Guide to What’s New, Part 1

BETT 2012: Your Guide to What’s New, Part 1

Opening today and continuing through January 14th in London, BETT attracts more than 600 educational suppliers and around 30,000 visitors for four days of innovations and inspirations, and provides a venue where education professionals can evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of ICT products and services. Featured below are some of the exciting new educational products and services launching at BETT this week. Visit BETT 2012: Your Guide to What’s New, Part 2 here.

AbleNet ( has unveiled a new product for the TalkTrac line, the Wearable Communicator. The device, designed for children and adults on the autism spectrum, features four messages and two levels for a total of 8 individual messages. The device can be used as an ice-breaker to communicate with friends, family and classmates, or be used to record personal information and to-do lists.

Alfiesoft Testbank (
Alfiesoft is launching Testbank in 2012. Testbank is a flexible system that comes in a variety of editions to suit different school environments. The free version includes online, onscreen assessment from the 2007 SATs in Math, English and Science. The company will also be partnering with Capita to allow for integration with SIMS. This will enable SIMS Assessment manager mark sheets to be automatically populated from Alfiesoft progress and summative tests.

Artech Academy’s Next Generation Learning Systems (
Artech Academy will be introducing their Next Generation Learning Systems at the BETT show in January. Students (grades 4-9) will be able to design their own video games that cover cross-curricular activities to support studies in language, math, logic, visual arts, science and global studies. The Next Generation Learning Systems offer an exclusive teaching methodology that gives teachers the tools they need to incorporate video game design into their curriculum. The systems will also include tutorials and hands-on workshops. (Visit stand H3 at BETT).

Audio Notetaker (
Sonocent has released Audio Notetaker, a software package that’s the oral language equivalent of a word processor. The software allows users to visualize their audio recordings, displaying spoken phrases as colored blocks (like sentences) that can be organized into sections (like paragraphs). Then, students can annotate specific phrases with PowerPoint slides, PDF documents, notes and color. (Visit stand SW8 at BETT).

Bamzonia (
Bamzonia is an easy to use, online resource that teachers students (ages 7-18) about personal finance in a fun and engaging way. It teaches lessons from coin recognition to pensions, wages, budgeting and saving. It’s ideal for traditional or virtual classrooms, and can be used for individual or group learning. Teachers do not need any pre-lesson content preparation to use the resource, and it includes progress tracking features throughout the program.

Boxford CNC software (
Boxford develops computerized machinery (CNC), associated with CAD/CAM software and curriculum-mapped projects for teaching Design and Technology in secondary schools. Its CAD/CAM Design Tools offerings have been upgraded with a gallery of projects that are fully documented and student-ready.

Britannica Pathways: Science (
Encyclopedia Britannica has developed Britannica Pathways: Science, an online teaching resource that helps teachers explain difficult concepts and supports independent learning. The resource encourages the development of key skills, including critical thinking, discussion, research and evaluation. It offers interactive classroom activities and encourages students to examine evident and test hypotheses.

CPD Online (
CPD online is used by local authorities in the UK to promote, manage, monitor and review Professional Development across the Children’s workforce. The system is entirely online and can also be used by the private sector-- its courses and events are up to date, and users can book online with all communications and course materials sent automatically by email or text messaging to save administrative time. (Visit stand M69 at BETT).

Cyberoam and NESCOT (
Cyberoam, provider of identity-based Unified Threat Management solutions, has announced its academic tie-up with the North Easy Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT). NESCOT, Epsom’s college of further and higher education, will be providing Cyberoam certified security courses to its IT students.

Data Harvest offerings for BETT (
Data Harvest has been working with K’NEX to offer a complete control system for construction models. The 2 sets of computer controls are based around fairground rides and help students discover, design, program and control real working K’NEX models. The company has also introduced a FLIR thermal imaging camera that helps students learn about medical thermal imaging, forensic crime investigation, and the transfer of energy to heat. Another new tool, Moway, teaches Robotics, control, technology and electronics. The MowayWorld software is graphical, intuitive and easy to use, and helps students create their own control programs. Finally, Data Harvest has released a CD, Science in Sport, that offers 44 ideas for experiments linking science to sports. Each experiment includes a set of teachers’ notes and a student worksheet.

Ergo ICT products and services (
At BETT, Ergo will be demonstrating their approach of delivering ICT products and services to help schools cut costs and improve efficiencies. One example is Scholaris, software that provides a comprehensive teaching and learning environment that helps keep students involved in learning opportunities and experiences, while keeping their parents informed of progress. Students can share, communicate, collaborate and complete assignments while their parents can track student attendance, workload, events and news. (Visit stand H29 at BETT).

eSchools Secondary School (
eSchools has developed the Secondary School version of their integrated management system. The platform helps schools communicate in an organized, user-friendly environment. It supports all areas of secondary school, from management, teaching, learning, communicating and reporting. The platform will also be available as an iPhone or Android app for access on the move. (Visit stand M49 at BETT).

EU4Schools (
EU4Schools offers an interactive learning experience based on teamwork and shared outcomes. Students learn about the democratic structures within the European Union and find out how to make their voices heard on issues of importance. Teachers can use the program to introduce their students to effective advocacy, active citizenship and communication skills. (Visit stand IN-15 at BETT).

Frog’s School Improvement Program (
Frog, a learning platform provider, has launched a program to help school leaders achieve their strategic vision. The core of the program is “Frog’s School Improvement Framework,” a free online tool accessed in Frog, that lets teachers and administrators evaluate how far technology is embedded within their school. They can review the results and benchmark themselves on their performance. The program also offers a social network where users can create groups, collaborate and discuss ideas with other schools. (Visit stand M50 at BETT).

Functional Skills ICT (
CIA Training’s Functional Skills ICT study guide helps students develop the skills they need to use modern technology, to solve everyday problems. The course companion and revision guide was designed with educators in mind, and is an ideal resource for use in standalone Functional Skills qualification programs or as part of GCSE, apprenticeship and diploma programs.

Guroo Functional Skills (
Guroo’s new Functional Skills (2.1) subscription service features initial assessment and diagnostics. Designed for Functional Skills and covering ICT, Math and English, the Initial Assessment uses question content and structures that test skills against criteria. (Visit stands S67 and SW30 at BETT).

iMLS App (
The iMLS App allows teachers, students and parents to access their school’s library from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. Android, Windows mobile and tablet versions will be launched at BETT 2012. Schools using or can now ensure their library and resources are accessible from anywhere, and the App helps encourage parental engagement with reading. Students can review books, websites and other resources, and reserve/renew books using the App.

itslearning’s New Look (
itslearning, a platform developer, will showcase an updated, dynamic new look at BETT. Designed with educators’ feedback in mind, the new interface offers an enhanced display and digitally rich functionality. Colors, icons, menus and more offer a more stylish platform for creativity. (Visit stand D50 at BETT).

Kerboodle Learning Suite (
Nelson Thornes will be demonstrating the Kerboodle Learning Suite at BETT, and offering presentations from renowned literacy and math experts. Kerboodle is an online teaching, learning and assessment resource for students and teachers in levels 1 and 2 (UK). The resources match the AQA-City & Guilds Principal Learning Diploma specifications. These resources include real-life video case studies that provide insight into working practice to deliver applied learning, and practice exams and assignment tasks. (Visit stand H6 at BETT).

Lesson Cloud (, a new website from Klick Computing, was designed to save teachers time when it comes to lesson planning and writing schemes of work by saving their progress in the cloud. There are tools available on the site to make writing lesson plans from scratch faster, and teachers can share content to see how other teachers deliver lessons.

Lucas-Nülle Training Systems for Sustainable Development (
Lucas-Nülle offers a range of products for training and education in the area of renewable energies. The company is working on solar and wind energy training systems, based upon discussions with educational experts and training/educational institutes worldwide. They emphasize the importance of renewable energies for educational institutions.

Maths-Whizz (
WhizzEducation is showcasing its award-winning system Maths-Whizz at BETT. The system helps improve learning outcomes by building confidence and encouraging linked learning at home and in school. Teachers, parents and students have access to whole-class interactive tools, online personalized tutoring and best practice support. (Visit stand U50 at BETT).

MAVIS (Math Visualisation Software) (
Axlesoft has developed a product to assist secondary school math teachers with their lessons. The software offers hundreds of resources to assist in lesson planning, and is designed to save teachers time in looking for suitable teaching materials. MAVIS has a host of features, graphs and diagrams that are created in-house to provide resources for the interactive whiteboard. There are advanced search and filter options to simplify lesson prep, and new teachers can benefit from pre-prepared lesson plans. (Visit stand IN-1 at BETT).

mytutor (
AQA’s new program mytutor is a live, online tutoring service. It matches students with real, UK-based tutors that can tailor tuition to meet individual learning needs. The mytutor team helps tutors with content and training on running sessions on the online, interactive whiteboard. The team is recruiting tutors at BETT 2012. (Visit stand G65 at BETT).

MyWorks (
Boardworks has unveiled MyWorks, an online homework and assessment package that provides quizzes for students. MyWorks can be accessed from any computer, and scores can be viewed by teachers, parents and students. Boardworks’ whole-class resources continue to be upgraded. (Visit stand A31 at BETT).