Malaysian schools invest $1 million in LMS

Schoology, developers of a free, cloud-based collaborative learning platform for K-12 classrooms, today announced a $1 million investment from Cempaka Schools in Malaysia and a partnership to jointly promote increased usage of the Schoology platform in school systems throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

Cempaka Schools, an elite group of five for-profit, private Malaysian primary and secondary schools, began using Schoology in 2010. Cempaka executives then approached Schoology CEO Jeremy Friedman with a proposal to become a stakeholder in the company.

The partnership between Schoology and Cempaka calls for the latter to act as Schoology's primary liaison with the educational communities in Malaysia and Singapore. Its leadership will serve to introduce and promote the learning platform to regionally based primary and secondary school administrators and educators, as well as other interested parties, such as government education officials.