ISTE 2015: Mimio Unveils MimioMobile for Web Browsers and Gives Educators First Public Demos of the Touch-enabled MimioProjector 280T - Tech Learning

ISTE 2015: Mimio Unveils MimioMobile for Web Browsers and Gives Educators First Public Demos of the Touch-enabled MimioProjector 280T

Cambridge, MA – June 29, 2015 – In order to expand teachers’ ability to create unsurpassed collaborative learning environments, Mimio is introducing two major updates to its MimioClassroom™ family of interactive teaching technologies at ISTE 2015: the MimioProjector™ 280T touch projector, and expanded device compatibility for the MimioMobile™ application.
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Cambridge, MA June 29, 2015–In order to expand teachers’ability to create unsurpassed collaborative learning environments, Mimioisintroducing two major updates to its MimioClassroom™family of interactive teaching technologies at ISTE 2015: the MimioProjector™ 280T touch projector, and expanded device compatibility for the MimioMobile™application.

MimioMobile's Expanded Compatibility

The MimioMobileappwill now be compatible with any device with a supported Web browser, so educators and students can access and use the application's assessment and collaborationfeaturesfrom nearly any device, including Chromebooks and Windows surface tablets.

“Our newest version of the MimioMobileapplication makes real-time collaborative learning and ongoing formative assessment easier than ever to implement,”said Christopher Leonardo, Director of Research and Development at Mimio.

The app allows for an easy transition from full-classroom instruction to small-group learning, and it enables teachers to develop assessments with short-answer, short-essay, numeric, and multiple-choice student responses. These features support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that call for creating a stronger collaborative learning environment for students, while providing teachers with an in-depth understanding of their students’progress and comprehension.

MimioProjector 280T

Mimio will also be conducting its first public demonstration of the MimioProjector 280T touch projector at ISTE 2015. This exhibition will give attendees an in-depth look at the projector's interactive touch capabilities.

The MimioProjector 280T is a touch-enabled projector that turns conventional dry erase boards into touch boards. The 280T provides one of the largest interactive areas available today –as large as 100 inches diagonal – and it allows up to 10 students to work together simultaneously. Users can work directly with their fingers or with the included styli. The 280T technology utilizes Mimio’s easy to set up Laser Curtain module, which is powered directly from the projector. The MimioProjector 280T is a full-featured solution that includes MimioStudio™ classroom software for lesson creation, assessment, and collaboration.

“At Mimio, our objective is to anticipate what technology-driven resources educators need to actively engage their students and increase learning,”Leonardo noted. “Our goal is to help educators create the type of learning environments that meet their needs, today and into the future.”

About Mimio

Mimio is a global leader in interactive teaching technologies that offer a better way to learn and an empowering way to teach. A portfolio company of Skyview Capital, Mimio creates award-winning, innovative, and affordable hardware and software that increase teacher effectiveness and student engagement in K-12 classrooms. For more information, visit Follow Mimio on Twitter @MimioTechnology and “Like”us on our Facebook page at

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Mimio Introduces Touch-Enabled Interactive Projectors promo image

Mimio Introduces Touch-Enabled Interactive Projectors

New Functionality Fosters Greater Collaborative Learning Through 10-Point Touch Interactivity   Cambridge, MA – April 16, 2015 – Mimio is pleased to announce its innovative MimioProjector™ 280 projector family, which allows schools to bring interactive and touch technology to classrooms that don’t already have projectors. The enhanced MimioProjector 280 line can fit the needs of any classroom because it now offers educators three options: the conventional non-interactive 280 model, the pen-based interactive 280I model, and the touch-enabled 280T model. With touch technology added to the MimioProjector line, schools can now offer students the technology they are so familiar with outside of the classroom, to better engage them in learning. 

Mimio Introduces MimioDisplay Touch Display And Upgrades MimioStudio Software And MimioMobile App To Expand Options For Collaborative Learning

Cambridge, MA – June 26, 2014 – In order to expand teachers’ ability to create leading-edge collaborative learning environments, Mimio is announcing one new product and two updates to its MimioClassroom™ family of interactive teaching technologies. The new offerings, scheduled to be unveiled at the ISTE 2014 conference, include the MimioDisplay™ LED touch display, the MimioStudio™ 12 classroom software, and the MimioMobile™ 3 mobile application. Beginning this fall, educators will be able to download the new versions from app stores and Mimio’s website, and current customers will have the opportunity to upgrade to these versions for free. The MimioDisplay touch display will be available for purchase immediately, and will begin shipping in early July.

New 4K UHD MimioDisplay Touch Display Debuted at TCEA 2016 promo image

Mimio Expands Classroom Multi-Touch Surfaces to Nine Feet and More with New Laser Touch Projectors

Projectors reduce maintenance worries while combining enormous images and 10-touch interactivity for large-scale collaboration   Boston, MA – Feb. 17, 2016 – Multi-touch surfaces have been hailed as one of the technologies shaping the classroom of the future. But schools and districts have to consider several factors, such as budgets and spatial logistics, when applying multi-touch technology. To enable educators to create interactive learning environments despite budget and resource limitations, Mimio has created two new laser touch projectors: the MimioProjector™ 320LT touch projector and the MimioProjector™ 3200LT ultra-wide projector.


Mimio Launches MimioMobile for the Web; Offers a 30-Day Free Trial, Complete with Lesson Starter Pack

Mimio has launched the newest version of its award-winning MimioMobile™ application, MimioMobile for the Web. Available through a (compatible) Web browser at, the Web application enables educators to deliver collaborative lessons and assessments to an entire class. This release, coupled with the existing Apple and Android apps, allows the MimioMobile app to work on virtually any device the student may have in the classroom: tablets, smartphones, and laptops (including Chromebooks). Educators can try the software for free for 30 days. And to help teachers make the most of their trial, Mimio has created a Starter Pack of lesson samples, assessment questions, and tips.

New 4K UHD MimioDisplay Touch Display Debuted at TCEA 2016 promo image

Mimio Launches Fall 2015 Webinar Series for Administrators and Teachers

Sessions to Focus on Acquiring, Understanding, and Applying Mobile and Classroom Technology   Cambridge, MA – Aug. 31, 2015 – Mimio, developer of the MimioClassroom™ family of interactive teaching technologies, today announced the fall schedule for its popular webinar series. The 45-minute sessions are free and designed to help teachers and administrators acquire information or best-practice skills on a host of topics: how to acquire funding for classroom technology, the science behind technology’s positive effects on learning, practical tips for improving engagement and collaboration, and facilitating real-time assessment.

New Version of MimioStudio Lets Mimio Users Connect Three Mobile Devices via the MimioMobile App – Free!

Now Teachers and Students Can Experience the Ease of the MimioMobile App and the Engagement of Collaborative Learning   Cambridge, MA – May 13, 2014 – Mimio now offers educators a risk-free opportunity to experience the benefits that mobile devices can bring to instruction. The latest release of MimioStudio™ 11.2 software features the ability to connect three mobile devices using the MimioMobile™ app – free. Starting May 13, 2014 classrooms with a MimioStudio hardware or software license can connect up to three mobile devices via the MimioMobile app when they upgrade to the new software version.

MimioMobile App with MimioStudio Classroom Software Selected as Best Upgraded Product in Tech & Learning Magazine’s Awards of Excellence Program

Cambridge, MA – Nov. 10, 2014 – – Mimio, a global leader in interactive teaching technologies, announced today that its MimioMobile™ application with MimioStudio™ 11.3 classroom software has been chosen as ‘best upgraded product’ in Tech & Learning magazine’s 32nd annual Awards of Excellence program. This marks the third year in a row that a Mimio product has been honored by this prestigious award program. Last year, the MimioProjector™ interactive projector was recognized as an innovative new product, while the previous year, MimioStudio™ software was recognized for the significant enhancements Mimio had made to the proven educational software. 


Newly Released Touch Board with Touch 360° Interactivity Allows up to Six Simultaneous Users   Cambridge, MA – Oct. 21, 2014 – With its entry into the interactive touch board market, Mimio has expanded its award-winning MimioClassroom™ suite of products to a full range of interactive teaching technology options for collaborative activities and lessons. The company's newest addition, the MimioBoard™ touch board, features six-point Touch 360° interactivity – the highest number of standard touch points available – for best-in-class performance.