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Angela Maiers Empowers Educators in New Online Courses

Atomic Learning Partners with Familiar, Dynamic Personality to Bring Educators her Unique Training Collection.
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In a continuedfocus to drive a revolution in education, Atomic Learning recently added a professional development collection featuring experienced educator and renowned speaker Angela Maiers to its training library.

By working with renowned education thought-leaders like Maiers and Leslie Fisher, Atomic Learning is creating and fostering a network of educators who are subject matter experts to add valuable education-based instructional content to the vast education training collection.

“This partnership brings a new collection of online courses that will help spark important conversations about learning, leadership, digital literacy, and 21st Century Skills for schools,” said Atomic Learning CEO Lisa Barnett, “Utilizing a multimedia format, we bring Angela’s dynamic personality and empowering messages to all—teachers, staff, students, and even parents.”

Courses include Mattering is the Agenda—putting the popular Mattering IS the Agenda-A Toolkit for Transformation right at educators’ fingertips—for a fraction of the cost of traditional professional development; and Literacy Reimagined--where Angela Maiers provides lessons and resources to help students think more critically and to find credible sources—rather than just "answers".

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Rooted in education, Atomic Learning provides innovative online solutions to help address many of the most common issues school leaders face today including: Getting the Most from Technology Investments; Helping Teachers Keep up With Changing Instructional Practices; Engaging Students; Time for Training; and Preparing Staff and Students with Critical Workplace Skills. Our solutions help connect the dots between instruction, learning, and life to create moments that inspire and engage today’s learners, while preparing teachers, staff, and students alike with the skills needed for lifelong academic and career success. To learn more about Atomic Learning, please visit:




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New Course Helps Educators Align Instructional Goals with Technology

In a continued effort to help learners connect the dots between learning and life, edtech training leader Atomic Learning recently added an online course on aligning instruction to technology to its library. "By focusing on instruction and student learning, you eliminate the fear and anxiety that comes from new programs and new devices," said Ron Farrow, Educator and Atomic Learning eLearning Contributor who created the course. " the technology is targeted towards a specific goal."

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Becoming an iPad Empowered Educator

Most successful initiatives are fueled by strong planning and implementation, but rooted in inspiration. The Success Stories section of the Atomic Mobilize solution shares key reflections from successful mobile programs to inspire school leaders and teachers to embrace mobile learning as an important part of a contemporary education. For example, Atomic Mobilize subscribers can follow the journey of a junior high math teacher as he embraces technology and empowers himself and his students through incorporating iPads into his classroom lessons. It has almost become an addiction, I'm always looking for new strategies, new things I can throw into the classroom to make the class more interactive. -Tim Weidmann, Avery Middle School Math Teacher, Avery, TX Whether you 're just starting to think about an 1:1 initiative or you’ve fully embraced the mobile revolution, we invite you to learn more about Atomic Mobilize.

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Educator Who Quits Over iPad Initiative Has a Change of Heart after Online Training

Vacaville Christian Schools in Vacaville, CA recently embarked on a district-wide iPad initiative. While most of the educators grasped the transition to the tablets in their instruction, one teacher in particular struggled. “She was one of the best math teachers on the planet,” Middle School Principal Maylene Ripley said, “But she said she couldn’t do it and she resigned. ” Although the Middle School would miss the talented math teacher, Ripley didn’t want to force the transition on her. Over the few months after her resignation, her colleagues kept in touch with her and encouraged her that the training and support they were getting through the school’s Atomic Learning subscription would help her through. She decided to return to the school and used the school’s online training solution to become proficient enough in using the tablet that she now teaches other educators how to use their mobile device effectively in their classrooms. Being a great support system to the teachers as they transitioned was one of Ripley’s claims to a successful mobile implementation. “They needed to know we were there for them when they struggled,” Ripley said. Ripley also credits their mobile device implementation success to their online training partner, Atomic Learning. “One of the best things we did was partner with Atomic Learning,” Ripley stated. “With the on-demand, anytime, anywhere training, our staff could train when they wanted to, on what they needed. ” Ripley is thrilled with how the story of her staff ends. “She (teacher who resigned) could barely turn the iPad on and now she’s training others with it,” Ripley said. To learn more about how Atomic Learning’s Atomic Mobilize solution can help your school or district plan an effective mobile implementation, download a free mobile planning worksheet at

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Personalizing Online Learning with Atomic Learning’s New Learning Model

Last year Atomic Learning boldly stated its commitment to revolutionizing education, and they haven’t looked back since. Intensive research and development, constant customer feedback, and forward-facing product summits have led to the development of a new way to experience learning: The Hoonuit Online Learning Framework.  

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Learn New Online Teaching Strategies

Teaching an online or blended course? Good for you, but we know this can be a scary and uncomfortable territory for some educators. Atomic Learning can help ease your worries. Join us for the next Effective Online Teaching and Learning Atomic Catalyst course! July 16-August 27 | Weekly Webinar: Thursdays, 6pm-7pm CST   Participants in the first course shared: "This is motivating me to learn new online strategies!" "(The best part was the) conversation and helping me take the time to think of different ways to create meaningful instruction." "...the right value for the price. Instructors were great and I enjoyed the guests too!"