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Mentoring Minds Debuts New Resource Packed with Instructional Strategies for California Teachers

Designed Specifically for California Educators, New Resource Empowers Teachers to Address Needs of Diverse Learners
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LOS ANGELES – September 22, 2015California educatorsin search of high-quality instructional strategies in a quick-reference format now have access to the California Master Instructional Strategies Flip Chart from Mentoring Minds, the national publisher of critical thinking-focused educational resources for K–12. This dynamic teacher resource empowers educators to plan for high-quality classroom instruction, highlights effective practices for responding to the needs of diverse learners, and supports the successful implementation of the California Common Core State Standards.

“As California’s teachers continue to help students adapt to a new level of rigor, they need to be equipped with sound strategies and best practices,” said Robert Bush, CEO of Mentoring Minds. “We want to make sure educators have access to these easy-to-use resources so that they can become master teachers and help their students excel.”

Designed for K–12 teachers and administrators, the California Master Instructional Strategies Flip Chart is a teacher-friendly resource that features 16 panels filled with strategies covering topics such as motivation and engagement, time management, vocabulary, formative assessment, English learners, Universal Design for Learning, technology, and critical thinking. The strategies in this flip chart support educators as they transfer the California Common Core State Standards into high-quality classroom learning experiences in order to promote student success. Mentoring Minds developed this new resource to support its existing customers across the state of California.

“Teachers are responsible for cultivating instruction that will challenge every child,” said Sandra Love, Ed.D., former National Distinguished Principal and Director of Education Insight and Research at Mentoring Minds. “We developed this resource to put evidence-based strategies at teachers’ fingertips, providing them with lots of choices and helping them to address the diverse skill levels that exist within every classroom. These instructional strategies will engage students and help them develop critical thinking skills, which will lead to improved performance and ultimately, greater success in school.”

Mentoring Minds offers several resource guides for educators, covering a wide range of topics including Critical Thinking Strategies, Differentiated Instruction, and Assessments. Each guide offers a multitude of strategies that can be quickly implemented to effectively teach any student, regardless of subject matter.

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