K-12 School Districts can Take a Load off Knowing Traffic is Managed with ContentKeeper’s New Load Balancing Appliances

The ContentKeeper Load Balancing Appliance (CK-LBA) provides districts high-availability, fail-safe networking at an affordable price
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Austin, TX (February 3, 2016) – BYOD and 1:1 programs, now mainstream in schools, are causing district networks to experience increasing speed and volume demands. To accommodate these demands and to ensure networks are always up and running, districts should install load balancing appliances, however these appliances are often financially out of reach.

ContentKeeper, a leader in Web and mobile filtering and reporting for next-generation learning environments, is now providing a high-quality, affordable solution – the ContentKeeper Load Balancing Appliance (CK-LBA).

Ideally, every layer 2 appliance such as a web filter, firewall or intrusion prevention device should be connected to a load balancing appliance to ensure they are constantly operating. The CK-LBA is fully integrated with ContentKeeper Web and ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway, however it can also be used with any layer 2 device. The CK-LBA comes in multiple configurations to accommodate different traffic requirements, from 1G to 40G. The appliance allows districts to seamlessly spread multi-gig traffic loads across an array of devices. The CK-LBA also allows districts to build in both high availability and fault tolerance into their network infrastructure. As classrooms continue to use more online resources, districts may triple or quadruple the bandwidth they use today, and the CK-LBA is built to support this growth.

“Ensuring that students and teachers have a safe and consistent internet experience is a priority, but the ability to maintain this is going to get more difficult as the demands for bandwidth increase,” said Jim Culbert, Executive Director, Information Technology at Duval County Public Schools. “Because of this, load balancing appliances are a necessity. It’s great to see ContentKeeper work to provide a high quality, affordable product built for school districts.”

For more information about ContentKeeper, visit www.contentkeeper.com.

About ContentKeeper
ContentKeeper transforms K-12 Web filtering by helping schools address the evolving security challenges in today’s learning environment. The company’s comprehensive security solutions provide SSL encrypted Web services, BYOD/1:1 mobile identification & controls, granular social media controls and proactive malware protection to help IT administrators stay ahead of Web security threats.

ContentKeeper’s unique layer 2 bridge design ensures scalability, high performance and reliability. Real-time Web content and threat analysis engines are backed by ContentKeeper’s patented shared intelligence system to guarantee maximum protection, before it’s needed.




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