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Writing Practice for Advanced Placement® Essays Now Available in Revision Assistant from Turnitin

Turnitin Revision Assistant adds six Advanced Placement exam prompts for AP essay practice.
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Students taking AP® World History or AP® English Language and Composition can now prepare and practice for those course’s exams with Turnitin Revision Assistant, a new formative writing product from Turnitin giving instant feedback to students as they write. The AP® prompts have been made available in collaboration with the College Board Advanced Placement Program® giving Turnitin license to use prompts from the 2013 AP® exams. Based on the data licensed from the College Board, Turnitin created content models and rubrics that are now part of Revision Assistant’s growing library of writing prompts.

The College Board Advanced Placement Program offers high school students the opportunity to receive college credit, advanced placement, or both, through any of its 38 rigorous course exams. The exam prompts that have been added to Revision Assistant are previously released questions that appeared on the 2013 AP® World History and AP® English Language and Composition exams.

“The inclusion of AP Exam prompts into Revision Assistant furthers our goal of delivering great content in a formative writing space that supports instructors in the classroom and helps students improve and excel at writing,” said Elijah Mayfield, vice president of new technologies at Turnitin.

The AP questions being added to Revision Assistant cover interesting topics that engage students. The AP English Language and Composition prompts ask students to:

  • Build an argument about memorials and monuments based on multiple sources in a document-based question (DBQ).
  • Investigate the concept of ownership and how it relates to one’s sense of self.
  • Analyze Richard Louv’s rhetorical strategies in his book Last Child in the Woods (2008).

The AP World History prompts ask students to:

  • Describe the struggles for global power within Europe during the mid-eighteenth century based on multiple sources in a DBQ.
  • Write about political changes in the Mediterranean between 200 C.E. and 1000 C.E. and their impact on culture.
  • Analyze the role of the state in the economic development of Japan and one other country during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

While writing with Revision Assistant, students receive immediate feedback in four areas: clarity and focus, use of evidence, organization and development, and language and style. The feedback is easy to understand, applies to the exact section it highlights and specifies where the essay could be improved. Students can apply this feedback to each essay revision, improving with each iteration. They can write and revise as many times as they want and each time Revision Assistant will inform them of the strength of their essay and where they can improve it.

Revision Assistant, used in over 60 school districts, is a support resource for teachers to extend their reach and have more meaningful conversations with students as they improve their writing. See a video of how Revision Assistant inspires these conversations between students and teachers here.



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