Popular Classroom Assessments From Pearson, GRADE and GMADE, Go Online for Back-to-School 2016 - Tech Learning

Popular Classroom Assessments From Pearson, GRADE and GMADE, Go Online for Back-to-School 2016

Research-based reading and math online assessments previewed at ISTE 2016
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Denver, CO – As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to the shift to digital, Pearson today announced that GRADE™ (Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) and GMADE™ (Group Mathematics Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) will be available online for grades 2-12 for back-to-school 2016. The two popular research-based diagnostic assessments have been used in classrooms for more than 15 years.

GRADE and GMADE determine what developmental skills students have mastered and where they need instruction or intervention. With correlated follow-up instruction, they offer total solutions for reading and math assessment and instruction.

Based on scientific research, GRADE and GMADE provide the components educators need to accurately and efficiently assess student competencies in reading and math.

“Pearson is committed to combining its expertise in developing high quality classroom assessments with the power of online delivery and scoring,” said Aurelio Prifitera, Ph.D., managing director of Pearson’s clinical assessment group. “Teachers around the country who have come to rely on GRADE and GMADE to measure student success in reading and math will now find the same research-based assessments available online.”

GRADE recognizes that learning to read is not a singular, one-dimensional process. As students learn to read, they progress through a series of benchmarks, each representing different kinds of learning tasks. Each GRADE subtest allows educators to assess student progress in achieving these benchmarks and to develop more effective instruction. Using the GRADE assessment to guide instruction will ensure student success.

GMADE test content is designed to build students’ confidence and help them demonstrate their knowledge. By working on tests at their own pace, students experience a sense of accomplishment after mastering concepts. Because tests allow students to demonstrate their true grasp of math concepts, educators can build a reliable picture of instructional success. GMADE is based on highly reliable scientific research, providing all of the elements educators need in order to correctly and proficiently assess all mathematical competencies.

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