Students at 400 U.S. School Districts Head Back to School to Learn with zSpace Virtual Reality - Tech Learning

Students at 400 U.S. School Districts Head Back to School to Learn with zSpace Virtual Reality

zSpace Virtual Reality for Education now enables interaction and group collaboration in more than 400 school districts, reaching hundreds of thousands of students worldwide
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Hundreds of thousands of U.S. K-12 students are heading back to school to learn with immersive virtual reality from zSpace. The Silicon Valley education company announced today that more than 400 K-12 school districts across the United States have adopted the all-in-one screen virtual reality desktop featuring education software that is easy-to-use, natural and intuitive to support their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum, as well as art and social studies.

“Schools are showing all of us how virtual reality will be used in the future,”said Paul Kellenberger, zSpace CEO. “zSpace created the technology and the content, but it’s the teachers and students who have found amazing ways to use it to learn and discover, whether they’re solving physics problems, studying cells or creating 3D models. They’re on the forefront of discovering how virtual reality can be used to enhance our daily lives.”

zSpace’s solution features the world's only virtual reality stylus, allowing students to interact with virtual objects and really understand the science behind them. Unlike other VR solutions, such as head-mounted displays, zSpace enables interaction and group collaboration. And now with the following new software updates, zSpace for Education is an even more powerful environment for learning:

  • Curie’s Elements, featuring atomic structure and relationships in Chemistry
  • Euclid’s Shapes, featuring Common Core Math for grades 2 through 7
  • Windows 10, enabling other instructional experiences including testing

Earlier this summer, zSpace also announced:

  • Partnership with Visible Body to bring its more than 4,000 anatomical structures in Human Anatomy Atlas to the platform
  • Collaboration with Google Expeditions to create an end-to-end virtual reality classroom experience

In addition to K-12 schools, medical schools and universities are also using zSpace for Health Sciences, CTE, and vocational training programs, not only in the United States, but around the world. In China, there are four Centers of Excellence, where students not only study STEM subjects, but culture and arts, as well.

To ensure that all students around the country get a chance to see this transformative technology, this fall, zSpace is traveling to schools and school districts to demonstrate the latest in VR-based learning experiences for science, technology, engineering, art and math curriculums in its Virtual Reality Mobile Classroom. Beginning on August 15, these mobile vehicles will travel the east and west coasts, empowering students to learn by doing.

About zSpace

zSpace is a leading-edge technology provider that delivers a new way of learning with its flagship product, zSpace®. Focused on STEM education, medical instruction, and corporate training, zSpace inspires and accelerates understanding through real world virtual reality. zSpace was named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc. and awarded “Best New Product” by Tech and Learning Magazine. zSpace is a privately held, venture backed company located in Sunnyvale, California, and has been granted more than 30 patents for its innovative technologies. For more information, visit, or follow on Twitter @zSpace.



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zSpace Working With Google Expeditions to Create Virtual Reality Classroom Experiences

zSpace, Inc. announced they are working with Google to create an end-to-end virtual reality classroom experience that combines the power of zSpace’s interactive Screen VR technology with the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program. Students will be introduced to learning content through the vivid photo and video Expeditions followed by in-depth exploration opportunities in zSpace.