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New Flip Chart from Mentoring Minds Designed to Help Texas Teachers Build Student-Centered Classrooms, Guide Professional Development

Resource Equips Teachers to Incorporate Best Practices and Engage in Deeper Classroom Dialogue
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TYLER, Texas – November 10, 2016To help Texas teachers and administrators quickly and effectively implement the state’s new appraisal tool, the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS), national K-12 publisher Mentoring Minds introduced the T-TESS Flip Chart. This dynamic resource empowers educators with an engaging device to develop student-centered classrooms that incorporate the best practices of each T-TESS domain and dimension.

In its first year of widespread adoption across the state, T-TESS is designed to promote professional development for teachers regarding four domains: Planning, Instruction, Learning Environment and Professional Practices and Responsibilities. In support of these domains, the T-TESS Flip Chart offers guiding questions that address actions taken before, during and after the lesson in order to help educators intentionally think about their instructional practices. The flip chart can also serve as a powerful tool to help administrators engage in deeper conversations with their teaching staff, guide the evolution from teacher-oriented classrooms toward student-centric learning environments, and create a school-wide culture of ongoing growth and improvement.

The T-TESS Flip Chart was developed by Dr. Sandra Love, a former national distinguished principal, and Tim Persall, assistant superintendent of Elementary Schools in Hays Consolidated Independent School District, both seasoned experts in school leadership.

“As Texas teachers and principals put T-TESS into place, it’s important they have tools to guide them with actionable, incremental steps toward success,” said Robert Bush, CEO of Mentoring Minds. “The more successful our teachers are, the more successful our students are. Dynamic classroom resources such as the T-TESS Flip Chart provide a powerful aid to help them excel.”

Teachers can utilize the T-TESS Flip Chart to set improvement goals and gain specific guidance for how the T-TESS domains and dimensions contribute to continuous improvement and growth. The questions suggested in the flip chart can be used to target areas for self-growth and to engage in focused conversations with colleagues and the school leader about effective instructional strategies aligned to each domain. The “Before the Lesson” questions maximize learning and expectations for achievement, while the “During the Lesson” indicators describe evidence of effective instruction. The “After the Lesson” questions stimulate reflection on strategies and practices used and not used during the lesson. High-quality evidence allows teachers to adjust and improve classroom practices for increased effectiveness.

Mentoring Minds also offers professional development sessions for educators covering a wide range of topics including Differentiated Instruction, Behavior Management in the Classroom, and Critical Thinking. Each training offers a multitude of practical strategies from seasoned educators that can be quickly implemented to effectively teach any student, regardless of subject matter.

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