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Edutech Company Klounge Partners with Flipped Learning Global Initiative

Edutech company Klounge has been selected as a certified technology partner of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. Klounge's online learning platforms Knowlounge and Know Recorder are designed for learning and teaching both at home and in the classroom, making the implementation of flipped learning easier than ever.
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SEOUL, December 13, 2016— Edutech startup Klounge ( has announced a partnership with the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI), boosting the profile of its online teaching and learning platforms. FLGI ( is an initiative that aims to support the implementation and adoption of flipped learning worldwide by identifying and collaborating with relevant organizations companies, and vendors.

Flipped learning refers to a teaching strategy that turns the traditional classroom model upside down so that students watch video lessons at home and complete homework during class time. The teaching method has risen in popularity over the past decade and has been proven to help students concentrate better in class and boost enjoyment while learning.

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Klounge is the creator of two new feature-rich online teaching platforms, Knowlounge and Know Recorder, that help facilitate flipped learning both at home and in the classroom. The software developer has become a certified technology partner of FLGI, recognizing the company’s role as an edutech provider and acknowledging that its platforms are well-suited for flipped classrooms. All partners of the initiative must undergo a detailed review process prior to approval, so educators can be assured that services are reliable and effective for use in flipped learning.

“I love both the simplicity and power of the Klounge products. Any teacher could open up the Know Recorder app and intuitively figure out how to create a flipped video. And when coupled with Knowlounge, collaboration becomes a snap. Klounge products are a perfect fit for teachers looking to flip their classes,” said Jon Bergmann, flipped learning co-founder, and center of a global network of flipped learning early adopters around the world.

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Know Recorder was released at the beginning of November and allows teachers to record lectures via a tablet and then upload them directly to YouTube. Knowlounge was launched in July and is an online classroom platform which allows teachers to carry out classes remotely via a real-time whiteboard interface.

Both platforms offer various whiteboard tools and the ability to insert media such as PDFs and videos to help teachers explain concepts. Knowlounge also includes many useful features, such as the ability to communicate via webcam, whiteboard sharing and live quiz tools.



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