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Activities for Implementing Science Standards for the Next Generation Featured in New White Paper From National K-12 Publisher Mentoring Minds

Resource Offers Crosscutting Concepts for Engaging Students in Science Learning 
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BOSTON – April 11, 2017With implementation of the new K-12 science standards in progress, educators across the country must find inventive ways to bridge the gap between state requirements and the hands-on nature of the NGSS. To provide educators with actionable activities and examples for integrating the standards into learning and teaching, national K-12 publisher, Mentoring Minds today released a new white paper, “The NGSS: Crosscutting Concepts in Action.”

The white paper features seven activities and examples from Total Motivation Science for the Next Generation, Mentoring Mind’s innovative print-and-online supplemental curriculum that integrates 21st-century critical thinking skills to deepen students’ understanding of science. Each activity presented in the white paper is coded to NGSS performance expectations.

“Our mission is to always meet teachers where they are by providing them with resources that allow them to help students meet and exceed their potential,” said Robert Bush, CEO, Mentoring Minds. “The activities presented in this white paper offer robust tips and tools that will empower teachers to develop engaging science learning experiences for their students.”

The NGSS were developed to improve science education for all students. These research-based science standards are designed to give educators the flexibility to develop classroom learning experiences that stimulate students’ interest in science. The three core concepts of these new standards, disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts and science and engineering practices, intertwine to support mastery of the NGSS.

Crosscutting concepts in particular are not new to the science classroom, long a feature of science standards and curricula, and often referred to as “themes” or “principles.” They are considered fundamental, underlying concepts that inform how scientists and engineers understand and engage with phenomena in the natural world. Together, these concepts form a framework to help students put disciplinary core ideas in context, trace connections across disciplines and see the world from a scientific point of view.

To download a complimentary copy of “The NGSS: Crosscutting Concepts in Action,” visit the Mentoring Minds website.

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