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CodeMonkey Launches Game Builder Platform to Empower Students to Become Digital Creators

Expanded platform features advanced coding curriculum with three additional game design courses
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Tel Aviv, Israel / New York, NY – June 27, 2017 – CodeMonkey, a leading game-based learning platform for teaching students code,launches the Game Builder platform as an additional feature to the series of basic coding courses. The Game Builder is geared to advance students from learning code literacy to become digital creators by building and designing their own online games.

The Game Builder is a scaffolded, self-paced, and real-time assessed game design platform that brings a creative approach to learning the essentials of computer programming. The Game Builder’s three interactive online courses feature different elements of the game-creation skill set that culminate to instruct the overall programming and design process. Along with CodeMonkey’s Game Builder free-style game design mode, the distinct courses offer a supportive environment for students to apply their coding skills and create their own games.

“Young students are drawn to user-generated content and love tailoring media to fit their unique style,” said Jonathan Schor, co-founder and CEO of CodeMonkey. “Game Builder is the natural step to bridge learning how to code and creating content. By appealing to their creativity, students learn game design essentials while having fun every step of the way.”

Ten thousand teachers and students piloted the Game Builder in a pre-launch beta test to evaluate the learning process throughout three courses: Platformer, Frogger and Sprite Animation. These courses put a creative spin on classic video games, such as Super Mario™ and Frogger™, to assist in concept development for students as they program their own game. Core programming skills taught in Game Builder include coding with Coffeescript, designing touch interface games for mobile devices, drawing and animating graphic elements and sharing interactive user-generated content.

“Whereas many tools shy away from using real code, CodeMonkey provides authentic practice opportunities that prepare students to program in a high-level language,” said James Colestock, technology teacher at APS Online High School. “In particular, my students love working with the Game Builder. The way CodeMonkey’s Game Builder effectively pairs coding with game design has made it an invaluable addition to my teacher toolbox.”

To learn more about the Game Builder and to test out the courses, please visit or at ISTE booth #1054.

About CodeMonkey:

CodeMonkey, a leading game-based-learning platform, teaches students eight years and older the fundamental principles of computer programming. Founded in 2014, CodeMonkey products are designed to maximize engagement and user experience to introduce students to foundational computer programming skills. Using real programming languages and scalability for all learning environments, CodeMonkey provides a turnkey solution for educators by offering basic training, management and reporting tools, automatic grading and detailed tutorials for teachers and real-time feedback for students. CodeMonkey has introduced computer science skills through play to millions of students worldwide. Write code, catch bananas, save the world. For more information, please visit our websiteandblog, and follow CodeMonkey onTwitter,FacebookandYouTube.

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Frogger and Super Mario are trademarked properties, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Frogger and Super Mario aren’t affiliated with, nor endorse, CodeMonkey.

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