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Performance Matters and SchoolPay Partner to Simplify and Streamline Payments for Professional Development in K-12 School Districts

A new partnership between SchoolPay and the Performance Matters Professional Development platform will provide K-12 districts with a centralized, streamlined solution for managing and processing payments for professional development 
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Sandy, Utah — Sept. 12, 2017 — While professional development (PD) is a requirement for all teachers, many K-12 school districts lack a cohesive way to handle payments for course registration, materials, and related expenses. Performance Matters has partnered with SchoolPay to provide a centralized, streamlined solution for managing and processing payments for PD.

Through this partnership, Performance Matters will integrate SchoolPay’s enterprise K-12 payment solution within the Performance Matters Professional Developmentplatform. The seamless workflows between SchoolPay and Performance Matters will simplify the payment process for educators by allowing them to securely submit online payments for course fees and materials from the same PD platform they already use to manage all of their professional learning.

For districts, the integration will provide an easy way to track and manage payments for PD system-wide, which will save time and eliminate paperwork. It will also give districts an efficient way to offer PD to and collect payments from educators in neighboring districts.

“Our partnership with SchoolPay will help districts increase transparency and streamline operations by putting all payments for professional learning on a common payment platform within our Professional Development solution,” said Jeanette Haren, chief product officer and co-founder of Performance Matters. “It will also enhance the PD experience for educators by making the payment process easy to navigate, thanks to SchoolPay’s user friendly interface.”

“Performance Matters is our first partner in the educator development arena, and we’re excited to work with them to provide districts with a robust payment solution that will maximize efficiency in their professional development programs and their day-to-day operations,” said David Dunaway, CEO and president of SchoolPay.

About SchoolPay

SchoolPay is a service of My Payment Network, a privately-held company based in Madison, Wisc. SchoolPay makes electronic payment solutions specifically built to serve the complex payment needs of public and private K-12 schools and districts.

About Performance Matters

By combining powerful student and educator growth solutions with real-time analytics, Performance Matters helps K-12 school districts drive continuous improvement of instruction and learning. The Performance Matters Platform includes tools for student assessment development and delivery, as well as educator professional development, evaluation, observation, and calibration. The Performance Matters Platform is used by more than 1 million educators and 11 million students in school districts across the country. For information, visit




Performance Matters Adds Online Professional Learning Content From DeeperDive Learning to its PD Premium Library

Performance Matters is partnering with DeeperDive Learning to bring more on-demand, online professional development content to the PD Premium Library within the Performance Matters Educator Professional Growth Platform.  The PD Premium Library helps K-12 districts maximize dollars spent on professional development by providing access to content personalized to meet the specific needs of educators.

Richardson ISD Partners with Performance Matters to Connect Student and Educator Growth, and Support the Rollout of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System

Richardson ISD in Texas will implement the Performance Matters Platform, a complete solution that combines professional growth and student assessment tools with powerful analytics capabilities to connect and accelerate student and educator growth. Once again, Richardson ISD is at the forefront of using technology to harness and interpret data. But what’s unique this time is that by connecting student and educator growth, Richardson will be able to use student needs to inform their instruction and professional learning. In other words, the Performance Matters Platform will allow the district to measure the impact of their professional development and educator effectiveness efforts on student achievement.