Atomic Learning Helps CIOs/Tech Directors Focus on Larger Initiatives - Tech Learning

Atomic Learning Helps CIOs/Tech Directors Focus on Larger Initiatives

By answering the “How do I...?” questions that can take up much of a Tech Teams’ day, Atomic Learning’s on-demand tutorials free up time, allowing staff to focus on larger initiatives, while still providing the support teachers need to successfully implement and integrate technology in the classroom. To learn more, visit the Atomic Learning website.
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By answering the “How do I...?” questions that can take up much of a Tech Teams’ day, Atomic Learning’s on-demand tutorials free up time, allowing staff to focus on larger initiatives, while still providing the support teachers need to successfully implement and integrate technology in the classroom.

Just ask our customers, like Tami, a Technology Coordinator at Summit School:

“I used to get calls/emails all the time from parents who were frustrated watching their kids muddle through a sticky part of a tech project. Now, most of the kids, and many of the parents, know to check Atomic Learning first. I’ve used it for years with two different laptop schools and I can’t recommend it highly enough... It’s on my short list of school technology essentials. ”

Projects and workshops help teachers learn how to effectively integrate technology in the classroom. To explore the collection of 21st Century Skills concepts training available through classrooms projects, visit the Atomic Learning website.



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Curriculum Directors: Engage Lesson Plans with Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning’s direct linking feature helps Curriculum Directors and educators with lesson planning; they are able to include tutorials in lessons for students to learn anytime, anywhere.  This training supports students with varying levels of technology skills and the ability to learn through flipped classrooms. With Atomic Learning, Curriculum Directors are able to infuse educators with the confidence to integrate technologies into their teaching, learning and assessments. Learn more about the Atomic Learning solution.

Atomic Mobilize From Atomic Learning Wins Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

Atomic Learning has earned an Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning magazine. The company’s Atomic Mobilize product, a professional development solution that helps educators realize the full potential of mobile devices in the classroom, was selected as a winner in the “New Product” category by a panel of more than 30 educators, who tested more than 150 entries. Atomic Mobilize includes professional development and planning tools, as well as stories, examples and resources from fellow educators that illustrate how mobile devices can transform education and create highly personalized learning experiences for students.

Atomic Learning Provides Critical Technology Integration Training to Support McAllen ISD Mobile Initiative

To assist in the distribution and usage of more than 22,000 mobile devices, McAllen Intermediate School District (ISD) in Texas has utilized Atomic Learning resources to train its educators and students on using the technology. A challenge-based learning initiative, Transforming Learning in the Classroom, Campus and Community, empowers McAllen students to leverage the latest technologies and learn 21st-century skills. McAllen’s subscription to Atomic Learning provides educators with step-by-step tutorials that propel classroom instruction, including project-based training, tech integration projects, tech skills assessments, and workshops on trending tech topics.

Atomic Learning Showcases New LTI Tool at EDUCAUSE

Atomic Learning is showcasing its new Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) feature at EDUCAUSE in Anaheim, Calif. The LTI Tool allows professors to embed the Atomic Learning search library within their learning management systems (LMS) and easily integrate videos into courses. In addition, the company will discuss its latest higher education case study, which addresses how a professor Fresno Pacific University in California used Atomic Learning’s video tutorials to flip his classroom.

Atomic TechCore Supports Districts in Meeting Tech Components of Common Core Standards

Atomic Learning announces the early availability of the new Atomic TechCore solution. Atomic Learning is an edtech leader known for its professional development and tech integration tools for the K-12 market. The Atomic TechCore solution was developed in response to district needs to address the technology components embedded in the Common Core State Standards. To learn more about how Atomic TechCore supports your districts Common Core implementation, visit  

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Providing Training Tools for Special Ed Directors & Assistive Tech Specialists

Atomic Learning provides special education teachers and paraprofessionals anytime, anywhere answers to questions about the assistive technology tools and devices students are using. Training tutorials also provide a tool to help keep general education teachers informed on the devices students need to be successful in the general ed setting. Atomic Learning’s Assistive Technology Professional Development Solution provides over 5,000 online video tutorials on common assistive technology software and hardware. Just-in-time training on accessibility features build into Microsoft® Office, Apple® iPad™, Windows® and Mac operating systems is also included.

Atomic Learning Announces Expanded Professional Development Opportunities at ISTE

Atomic Learning showcases its latest technology training at ISTE 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition, held in San Antonio, June 23–26. The company will release six new technology training offerings to expand its resources of more than 250 education-specific software application and device tutorials. These additions highlight the most recent versions of popular programs, enabling teachers to master updated interfaces and features. Atomic Learning also will host a poster session, “It’s Not an iPad Initiative, It’s a Learning Initiative,” led by Carmen Garcia, director of instructional technology for McAllen ISD, Wednesday, June 26, at 11 a.m. CDT.

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Atomic Learning App Now Available Free in iTunes

Educators now have one-touch access to training and resources to meet district challenges and learning objectives with the Atomic Learning App – available for free download in the Apple iTunes store. Users can search for training by a key phrase or browse by topic, application or category (projects, workshops, tutorials or custom training). Also available in the Atomic Learning App is a library of current professional development topics with the ability to activate push notifications to notify users of updates on featured and new resources. With the rapid growth of mobile initiatives, Atomic Learning recognized the need for easy-to-access, high-quality digital training resources,” said Dan Meyer, CEO at Atomic Learning. “The app fulfills this need—for teachers and students alike. ” The Atomic Learning App not only provides mobile access to the Atomic Learning solutions, but also gives users the ability to download training videos to the app for access when wifi or cellular data service is not available. Users can also access their favorites and assignments by logging into their account from the Atomic Learning App. A share feature allows users to share training videos with colleagues and earned certificates of completion through email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook with ease.  The Atomic Learning App provides access to Atomic Integrate, Atomic Assist and Atomic Mobilize resources (based on subscription).  To download the Atomic Learning App, visit: An overview video of the Atomic Learning App gives a thorough tour of the app’s functionality:

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New to Atomic Learning: Evernote Training

The new online training course from Atomic Learning begins with a tutorial on creating an account and installing Evernote on your device(s). Next, you'll be guided on how to create notes and add media on desktop clients, the Web service and on mobile devices. Learn to use the search function, sorting, tagging, and notebooks to keep your notes organized and accessible. Finally, learn how you can increase its functionality by exploring the Evernote Trunk. The Evernote training series is exclusive to the Atomic Mobilize solution from Atomic Learning, contact us to learn more.