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Califone Announces Winner of Back-to-School Pinterest Contest

Increasingly, educators are turning to social sharing sites like Pinterest for inspiration in the classroom and connecting with peers. To celebrate innovative approaches to teaching and learning, Califone sponsored a contest on Pinterest encouraging educators to share their dream classroom and the AV technology they'd like to have and how they'd use it. Marianne Griffith's pinboard earned her a Califone PA System Prize Package worth $4,000 for her art classes and her elementary school in Phoenix, Ariz. She plans to use the PA systems to inspire her young artists though music, and support all the students and educators in her school by using them in school assembles, PE classes, and more. Griffith's use of Pinterest showcases the visually appealing and creative way the site can be used to showcase students' art work, capture learners' interest, and share teaching ideas with peers.
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Educator wins a Califone prize package valued at $4,000 to engage students and foster learning

San Fernando, Calif. (Oct. 10, 2012)Califone International, Inc. today announces the winner of its “Classroom AV Wish List” Pinterest contest. Marianne Griffith, an art teacher at Alta E. Butler Elementary School in Phoenix, Ariz., was awarded a Califone Portable PA Prize Package that includes a PowerPro SD with tripod, a PA 419 with a built-in docking station for an iPhone® or iPod® device, and two wireless microphones.

“The CalifonePowerPro SD and PA419 PA systems will help me incorporate classical music into my art classes to engage and inspire my students. Music can be a muse and keep kids on task,” said Griffith. “The students at my Title I school also will love to use the PA systems for assemblies, literacy centers, exercising to music, and poetry recitation.”

“Marianne is a great example of a creative and dedicated educator who is using Pinterest to gather innovative teaching and learning ideas to use with her students and share with her peers,” said Tim Ridgway, vice president of marketing for Califone. “The Portable PA Prize Package will provide her with tools she needs to enrich her classes and support her entire school.” The two PA systems can be used either separately or combined to support even larger school-wide events.

In celebration of back-to-school, Califone launched its first Pinterest contest for the growing community of educators using the new tool in support of educational advancement. Educators shared their inspiration for a dream classroom by creating a “Classroom AV Wish List” board on Pinterest. Participants were eligible to win one of four Califone prize packages: Portable PA Package, Mobile & ELA Learning Package, Library Package or a Clicker Package. Griffith’s winning board contained several examples of how she would use the Portable PA Package in her classes and for students throughout the school.

For more information on the full line of Califone products designed for the education market, and safe for school and library use, call 1-800-722-0500, or visit to view and download the entire Califone catalog.

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Califone was founded in 1947 and continues to be a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education, presentation and professional markets. The company offers a complete line of audio solutions, wireless systems and multimedia products for small, medium and large presentation needs. Califone serves millions of educators and students in the PreK through higher education school environments, and has expanded to serve business and industry, houses of worship, parks and recreation, and other presentation markets as well.

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Califone Pinterest Contest Gives Educators Chance to Win Popular Back-to-School Classroom Technology

To celebrate back-to-school, Califone is launching a contest for the growing community of educators using Pinterest to support educational advancement. Educators who share their inspiration for a dream classroom by creating a “Classroom AV Wish List” board on Pinterest and pin one of four audio-related packages will be entered to win a prize of Califone products worth $4,000. The contest runs from today to Sept. 24.

Califone Introduces Megaphones to Support School Activities and Safety

Califone International, Inc., a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of school audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products, announces the release of two new megaphones for use during school activities, as well as in emergency situations. The PA-25RBT is the first megaphone to be outfitted with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, enabling it to transmit audio wirelessly from any mobile device that supports the Bluetooth Standard. The PA-25RX is the first megaphone to connect via a 3.5 mm auxiliary input for broadcasting audio from another wired audio source.

Califone Introduces Versatile Microphone to PA Product Family promo image

Califone Introduces Versatile Microphone to PA Product Family

Chatsworth, Calif. (Oct. 24, 2017) – When educators participate in large-group presentations, they need to produce clear audio from tools that are easy to set up and use. To meet this need, Califone International, a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audio equipment for use in education, announces the release of the DM-39 Dynamic Microphone for use with several of Califone’s portable PA Systems.

Califone and FundingFactory Partner to Help Schools Recycle and Earn Audiovisual Equipment

Califone International, Inc., has partnered with FundingFactory to help schools recycle end-of-life audio equipment and enhance sustainability initiatives. Through the partnership, FundingFactory participants earn points redeemable for cash or new technology by collecting used headsets and headphones for recycling. Audio equipment has been added to FundingFactory’s Qualifying Items list, which also includes used inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, laptops, and other small electronics. In addition to recycling used headphones and headsets, participants can redeem their points for Califone products, including the award-winning, washable Titanium™ headsets and the iPhone/iPod Wireless Portable PA System.

Califone Wins Four Awards of Excellence promo image

Califone Wins Four Awards of Excellence

San Fernando, Calif. (Oct. 19, 2015) – For recognition in superior design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual (AV) products in education, Califone International LLC, received four Tech & Learning 2015 Awards of Excellence. The program honored Califone AV solutions in the new product category—theBluetooth® VoiceSaver™ PA, the E3T & E3USB Ear Buds, the KB4 Bluetooth Keyboard and the Wireless PresentationPro™ speaker. 

Califone Reveals Two Agile PA System Models promo image

Califone Reveals Two Agile PA System Models

Chatsworth, Calif. (Jan. 24, 2017) – When schools require sound reinforcement for any size audience or venue, educators need a versatile public address (PA) system that can support all school-based activities. To fill this need, Califone International, a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audio equipment for use in education, announces the release of the PA11 and the PowerPro PA920. 

Califone Releases USB Microphone

Califone International, Inc. announces the launch of the USB Microphone, which connects to a USB port to provide high quality voice amplification through a computer’s built-in or connected external speakers. The new handheld microphone delivers crisp, clear audio, and enables voice amplification in classrooms, churches, meeting rooms and a variety of presentation settings. Students can use the microphone for call-and-response activities, while educators can incorporate the device into everyday classroom instruction. Creating call-and-response activities is an effective way to involve students in exercises to model vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and reinforces the English Language Arts speaking and listening portions of the Common Core State Standards.

Califone Launches Listening First™ Headsets

Califone International, Inc. announces the launch of its Listening First™ Headsets, an extension of the popular Listening First headphone line. The Califone Listening First Headsets are made with rugged ABS plastic (for added student safety), ambient noise-reducing earcups, and are available in three color choices or three animal themes. The Listening First Headsets to support computer-based and mobile learning activities and are ideal for use in kindergarten and primary grades as well as with special needs students. In addition, the Listening First Headsets help students build speaking and listening skills, which are critical components under the English Language Arts (ELA) portion of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).