Bogen Announces Release 2.0 of E7000 IP-based, Education-focused Paging and Intercom System

InfoComm booth C1162

May 14, 2018, Mahwah, NJ – Today, Bogen Communications, Inc., announced the introduction of version 2.0 of its award-winning education-focused E7000 IP-based paging and intercom system that debuted at InfoComm 2017. The E7000 leverages Bogen’s Nyquist software platform that provides users with unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

E7000 V2.0 map-based paging and intercom GUI

E7000 V2.0 map-based paging and intercom GUI

Version 2.0 adds to the E7000’s original core features, which include its easy to use web-based graphical user interface; 24/7 accessibility via PCs, tablets, and mobile devices; virtually unlimited scalability; interoperability with third-party devices; and easy software upgradability. New 2.0 features include map-based paging and intercom with hierarchical drill-down views, station monitoring with alerts, analog telephone support via 24-port VoIP gateways, and text-to-speech functionality for scripted announcements.

Bogen NQ-GA10P VoIP paging and intercom module

Bogen NQ-GA10P VoIP paging and intercom module

A new hardware appliance complements the 2.0 software release. The multi-function NQ-GA10P is a PoE powered, plenum rated, 10-Watt VoIP intercom module that enables any standard analog speaker to be transformed into a VoIP intercom speaker. It includes support for legacy analog as well as state-of-the-art digital call switches, an AV override output relay, push-to-talk mic input, and an ambient noise sensing mic input. A forthcoming variant of this incredibly flexible appliance – the NQ-GA10PV– includes an HDMI video output for future clock and messaging support using off-the-shelf LCD monitors.

“The E7000 IP-based school intercom system we introduced last year has been a big success. Dealers and end users have been delighted with the system's scalability, ease of use, web-based accessibility, and design flexibility,” explained Bogen’s product manager Ken Venuti. “Over the past year, we've been listening to our dealers and end user customers and used their needs and aspirations to guide our product development efforts. Over the past several months, we have released several V1.0 maintenance updates to address bugs and improve system usability. With V2.0 and the new hardware, we addressed several major feature enhancements that our customers have asked for, and we’ll continue to use their feedback to guide the E7000 feature roadmap.”

E7000 is sold exclusively through authorized Bogen Education Systems specialist dealers. E7000 release 2.0 software and the new NQ-GA10P VoIP intercom module are expected to be available early in the third quarter of 2018.

Find more information about the E7000 release 2.0 software and new hardware in booth C1162 at InfoComm 2018 and online at

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