Learning.com Joins Google for Education Technology Partner Program

PORTLAND, Oregon –(September 21, 2018) Learning.com, a leader in providing digital literacy solutions for grades K-8, announced today that it joined the Google for Education Technology Partner Program. Learning.com was accepted into the program based on building strong integrations with Google for Education’s products, such as the Google Classroom integration with its EasyTech solution.

EasyTech helps students develop technology and higher order thinking skills through direct instruction, practice and a variety of application opportunities. Students engage with interactive modules that use real-life situations to introduce, develop and master key digital literacy skills, such as computer fundamentals and keyboarding, online safety and digital citizenship, applied productivity applications such as spreadsheets and presentation software, and computational thinking and coding.

Through Learning.com’s integration with Google for Education, G-Suite for Education users can now assign and access EasyTech lessons, activities, application exercises and quizzes directly through Google Classroom. This removes many of the barriers school districts face when trying to implement a digital literacy curriculum, such as managing multiple logins and navigating different platforms.

“At Learning.com, we are committed to making it simple for educators to integrate technology instruction into core subject curriculum,” said CEO Keith Oelrich. “This partnership will extend our reach and help teachers use Google Classroom to easily incorporate digital literacy into their everyday teaching.”

Learning.com’s integration with Google Classroom will allow for grade pass-back for auto-scored content, making it easy for teachers to keep grades consolidated in one location without extra effort. Learning.com plans to continue building additional Google for Education integrations, which they feel will strengthen their suite of digital literacy products.

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About Learning.com

Learning.com is a national leader in providing digital literacy solutions that help prepare students for online assessments, school, college, and their future careers. The company offers a complete digital literacy curriculum for grades K-8 that engages students as they develop critical skills such as keyboarding, business applications, online safety, computational thinking, and coding. Founded in 1999, Learning.com currently partners with one in six U.S. school districts and serves more than 4 million students each year.