Illustrative Mathematics and Khan Academy Collaborate to Support Educators

Tucson, AZ – Sept. 20, 2018 Illustrative Mathematics(IM) today announced it has partnered with Khan Academy to provide free practice exercises tightly aligned to its highly-regarded curriculum, IM 6–8 Math. The problem-based core mathematics curriculum for grades 6–8 is designed to enable students to learn by doing, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and constructing arguments using precise language.

Educators can access the IM practice exercises on Khan Academy at

“We know that students learn mathematics by doing mathematics. We also know that many teachers use Khan Academy when they want to offer students targeted practice,” said Dr. William McCallum, IM founder and president. “So when we had the opportunity to work with this remarkable organization to support learning equity through free access to practice problems and to provide an aligned tool for teachers who already use Khan Academy to support their classroom work, we were happy to collaborate.”

Since its launch in 2017, IM 6–8 Math has been widely adopted across the United States, including Wake County Schools in North Carolina, Pasco School District in Florida, and Newport-Mesa Unified School District in California. IM 6–8 Math is the highest-rated middle school math curriculum on EdReports, meeting expectations across all three review categories: focus and coherence, rigor and mathematical practices, and usability. In addition to the curriculum, IM offers sustainable, scalable professional learning to improve educators’ abilities to deliver standards-aligned lessons and assessments, and support the meaningful practice shifts that lead to improved student outcomes.

"When you're able to provide students instant feedback though personalized practice, you can transform the classroom," said Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. "Our teams work closely together to align our practice problems to the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum. Students get help and hints when they get stuck, and teachers get powerful reports so they can tailor their instruction."

McCallum concluded, “This collaboration will help our two organizations better support our vision of creating a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics.”

About Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics. We develop and deliver core mathematics curriculum along with deeply integrated professional learning experiences that ensure students receive engaging, high-quality mathematics instruction. Learn more at

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