Indiana Approves Renaissance Star Early Literacy for Universal Screening for Dyslexia

(Wisconsin Rapids, WI) October 15, 2018Renaissance, a leader in pre-K–12 learning analytics, today announced that the state of Indiana approved Renaissance Star Early Literacy® for universal screening for dyslexia in support of the state’s recent passage of Senate Bill 217.

The new law requires districts, schools, and charter schools to screen students for risk factors associated with dyslexia using a screening tool approved by the Indiana Department of Education and to “use the response to intervention process to address needs of students who are determined to have characteristics of dyslexia.” All students in grades K–2 will be screened each year. Students in higher grades will be screened if a classroom teacher is concerned about reading difficulties.

When the bill was signed into law in April, State Senator Erin Houchin, the bill’s sponsor, said, “Studies estimate that up to 20% of the population is affected at some level with dyslexia. We cannot afford to let any of our students struggle through school, and potentially their lives and careers, without doing something— especially when we know teaching methods that work."

Star Early Literacy, a key component of Renaissance Star 360®, is a computer-adaptive assessment and measures early literacy skills of students from pre-kindergarten through grade 3, as well as students who are struggling with early literacy skills. Highly rated for universal screening by the National Center for RTI, Star Early Literacy is proven to accurately identify students who are at risk for reading difficulty.

According to information released by the Indiana DOE, the approved assessments, including Star Early Literacy, are “acceptable in terms of reliability and validity, ease of use for those conducting the screening, brief, and are developmentally appropriate for the grade.”

Laurie Borkon, vice president of educational partnerships at Renaissance, concluded, “We are very pleased that Star Early Literacy met Indiana’s high standards to proactively identify students who may be struggling with dyslexia. This great news is particularly timely now, during Dyslexia Awareness Month. We look forward to helping educators across the state of Indiana identify those students most in need of additional help, so they can deliver the resources and instruction that will ensure their students thrive.”

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