Kano Breaks Into U.S. K-12 Education with New Education Packages

London (Feb. 7, 2018) – Following its success in consumer markets worldwide, Kano, the DIY computer company, is bringing its computer coding kits to U.S. classrooms with a range of education packages available online. Each package delivers full curriculum support, training and resources from an ever-growing online community of educators.

Each education package comes with core-curricular lesson plans, design challenges, implementation guides, video training tutorials, “how-to” coding lessons, professional development webinars, support from the Kano staff, access to an educator community and more. With the variety of available packs, teachers can easily integrate Kano in learning spaces ranging from makerspaces to libraries to entire classrooms.

“Since we started using Kano, my students have been inspired to explore aspects of computer science that has led them to a greater understanding of technology’s role in the world,” said Nicholas Provenzano, Technology Curriculum Specialist in Grosse Point, Michigan.

Founded in 2014 thanks to Kickstarter, Kano’s complete line of computer kits supports teachers as they further integrate STEAM learning and coding into their classrooms. The Kano kits empower students to build computers, interact with sensors and program light boards to make art, sound, music and games. More than 800 schools, camps, libraries and community programs already use Kano to engage young people with technology.

“The best way to introduce young learners to coding is through engaging, hands-on activities that allow them to learn at their own pace,” said Paul Ramos, head of education sales for Kano. “Our unique education packages will help teachers adapt our computer and coding kits for their classrooms to inspire students to explore the power of coding.”

Kano computer and coding packages for educators are now available in the United States. To learn more about Kano and contact the Kano education team, visit https://kano.me/educators.

About Kano

Inspired by a challenge from a seven-year-old, Kano creates computer and coding kits for all ages, all over the world. Its mission is to make technology as simple and fun to create as it is to consume. Kano shipped the first "computer anyone can make" in September 2014, and is now expanding its retail presence more than four-fold.

With the Kano kits, makers of all ages go from block-based to real text coding, in languages like Python, JavaScript and Unix commands in a range of learn-to-code environments. For more information visit kano.me/educators. For more information on the Kano kits and multimedia assets, visit the Kano Press Pack.