Educational equity means that identifiers like race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and class no longer predict outcomes for students’ educational pursuits. An opportunity gap occurs when race, class, English proficiency, or other factors perpetuate lower achievement and access. To help K-12 districts and schools achieve equity and create environments that are safe and conducive to learning for all students, Kickboard has partnered with Overcoming Racism to develop a new professional development program called Advancing Racial Equity in Education.

Advancing Racial Equity in Education is comprised of an equity audit, professional development, and ongoing support. It is designed to help districts and schools identify and analyze their strengths and areas for growth, while establishing culturally responsive practices that respect and attend to students’ diverse experiences. By increasing the cultural awareness of teachers, administrators, and staff, and enhancing their instruction and leadership, schools can transform educational opportunities, access, and outcomes for every student.

“Equity and a positive school culture are complementary priorities. We are excited to partner with Overcoming Racism to help districts build culturally responsive schools and classrooms where students can thrive socially, emotionally, and academically,” said Stefan Kohler, CEO of Kickboard.

“Overcoming Racism and Kickboard are working to address equity issues in our educational system at the source,” said Matthew Kincaid, founder of Overcoming Racism. “With equitable practices, schools can measurably increase student happiness, reduce suspension rates, and improve academic performance.”

About Overcoming Racism

Overcoming Racism seeks to build more equitable institutions through comprehensive race and equity training. With a primary focus on education, Overcoming Racism equips educators with the tools to build culturally responsive schools and classrooms that promote the development of the next generation of anti-racist agents of change. For information, visit

About Kickboard

Kickboard provides a sustainable, data-driven framework for leading school culture change in K-12 districts and schools. The Kickboard school culture system includes a highly configurable, web-based platform and collaborative, research-based professional development services. For information, visit

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