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Study of 4,000 Students Shows a Gain of One Grade Level After 30 Minutes of MobyMax Language Per Week

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A study of more than 4,000 students from 230 randomly selected U.S. classrooms concluded that students who spent just 20 hours using MobyMax increased a full grade level more than students in the same classroom who did not use MobyMax.

“The study results validate the MobyMax method,” said company co-founder Glynn Willett. “Using laser-focused tools like those in MobyMax Suite to ‘find and fix’ individual students’ learning gaps is the most efficient and effective way to help students achieve.”

Three of the findings are particularly relevant to teachers who are strapped for time or whose students are all at different levels.

- First, the gain in student proficiency came from learning and practice that students were completing on their own, without any additional work required from the teacher.

- Second, students in a class were able to work on different grade levels based on their individual needs without needing constant teacher oversight.

- Third, students using MobyMax were able to fix missing skills from prior grade levels without requiring the teacher to provide that instruction. This improved students’ ability to keep up with current instruction in class without the teacher preparing additional lesson plans.

The study analyzed six areas of performance related to the effectiveness of MobyMax Language. For example, the study calculated the positive impact of MobyMax Language on student growth when used to supplement basal curriculum and whether students in special education classrooms experienced more growth when using MobyMax Language than students in general education classrooms. The study also evaluated whether grade level had a significant effect on student growth.

The growth was equivalent to more than one school year of additional progress with 30 minutes of use per week, regardless of whether the student had a high or low prior year learning deficit (PYLD).

The study was conducted in the first quarter of 2018. It used a randomized control experimental design that qualifies as “Tier1 – Strong Evidence” under the ESSA guidelines for evidence-based interventions. In addition, the study met the evidence standards of the IES and WWC.

A copy of the study is available here.

About MobyMax

MobyMax helps struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and closes learning gaps for all students.

Moby Learning, Moby Assessments, Moby Interactive, and Moby Rewards are all award-winning solutions individually. When combined together in Moby Suite, they create the most effective solution to find and fix learning gaps.

MobyMax is used in more than 82% of all K-8 schools in the United States, with over 28.7 million students and 1.5 million teachers registered.



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