StudySync Launching SyncBlasts for Social Studies and Science

NEW YORK (September 6, 2018)– College and career readiness requires students to possess important critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the complex and ever-changing social, cultural, and media landscape of the 21st century. This fall, StudySync® is launching SyncBlasts™ to support social studies and science teachers as they help students build these essential skills.

SyncBlasts connects social studies and science curriculum to the daily lives of students. Lessons illuminate clear connections between content standards and the contemporary world, and the SyncBlasts platform allows teachers to leverage the power of social learning in a safe, mediated environment. Every SyncBlast is available in multiple Lexile®-levels and scaffolds insure English Learners and approaching grade-level learners can access every lesson. Original audio and video resources such as The Point news show, podcasts, and multimedia explainers engage students in topics that are relevant to their studies and their everyday lives.

“SyncBlasts empowers students to think critically about the world and to consider the thoughts and perspectives of others even as they express informed opinions of their own,” said Robert Romano, Co-Founder and CEO of StudySync. “SyncBlasts ignites students’ desire to learn with its engaging, interactive format that emphasizes collaboration and social learning.”

SyncBlasts includes hundreds of articles and videos that are aligned to social studies and science content standards and appropriate and relevant for middle school and high schoolers. In addition, StudySync publishes new SyncBlasts each school day. SyncBlasts is a flexible curriculum companion, designed to work with different teaching styles and variable class lengths.

“SyncBlasts’ variety of high-quality, relevant media is unmatched and continues to grow and evolve. It’s our expectation that it will spark meaningful conversations in classrooms throughout the country,” said Romano.

About StudySync

SyncBlasts is a new product introduction from StudySync, a leader in English Language Arts instruction with its hallmark offering, a comprehensive 6-12 ELA/ELL curriculum—StudySync. A supplemental digital inquiry solution, SyncBlasts is designed specifically for grades 6-12 social studies and science classrooms. Publishing new content every day, the platform offers a dynamic, ever-expanding digital library of reading and writing assignments that cover social studies and science topics relevant to students’ lives and the world around them. For more information about StudySync’s educational platforms, visit

McGraw-Hill Education is the exclusive distributor of StudySync products in the United States.

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