Vernier Software & Technology Introduces Pivot Interactives’ New Online Library of Chemistry Experiments

BEAVERTON, Oregon, August 20, 2018 — College and high school students can now explore real-life chemistry concepts and vary parameters using Pivot Interactives’ new chemistry library. This collection of brief high-quality videos show many variations of the same phenomenon. Students select among experimental variables to choose a video and then collect data of their choosing using custom tools. Built-in, easy-to-use graphing and analysis tools help students draw their own conclusions about what they have measured.

These classroom-ready, student-driven, open-ended investigations provide instructors with experiments that might otherwise be challenging, unsafe, impractical, or time-consuming to set up for hands-on student instruction.

“Pivot Interactives is a versatile supplemental tool that can be used for a variety of learning opportunities, including pre- and post-lab exercises, lab skills assessment, flipped learning, and many more,” said John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Software & Technology. “The new chemistry library makes it possible for students and teachers to authentically and safely conduct chemical investigations in any classroom—or even at home.”

Pivot Interactives' cloud-based web app can be accessed 24/7 using any web-connected device, including a computer, Chromebook™ or iPad. Pivot Interactives includes an existing physics video library in addition to the newly added chemistry video library. The videos incorporate on-screen instruction, experiments with multiple solutions, and interactive tools to perform experiments like acid-base titration, density of metal, and volume versus pressure. Students can also take measurements using embedded rulers and stopwatches and then graph that data within the online app.

To learn more about Pivot Interactives, visit Vernier Software & Technology is the exclusive distributor of Pivot Interactives.

About Vernier Software & Technology Vernier Software & Technology has led the innovation of scientific data-collection technology for 37 years. Vernier was founded by a former physics teacher and employs educators at all levels of the organization. The company is committed to teachers and to developing creative ways to teach and learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) using hands-on science. Vernier creates easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software. With worldwide distribution to over 140 countries, Vernier data loggers are used by educators and students from elementary school to university. Vernier technology-based solutions enhance STEM education, increase learning, build students' critical thinking skills, and support the science and engineering practices detailed in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The Vernier business culture is grounded in Earth-friendly policies and practices, and the company provides a family-friendly workplace. For more information, visit

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