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Groovy Grammar! Tools, Apps, & Ideas for Learning Grammar

Groovy Grammar! Tools, Apps, & Ideas for Learning Grammar

"Who climbs the Grammar-Tree; distinctly knows Where Noun, and Verb, and Participle grows… "- Decimus Junius Juvenalis, Satire VI

With digital devices, learners are writing and speaking everyday. Often, our learners communicate with an international audience. The activities below get students to use their devices to learn grammar in engaging ways. One idea is to get our students to correct the grammar in celebrity tweets, online reviews, and their own status updates. Another idea is to get students to highlight structures in comics they create. Click here for my student’s example. I’ve also included links to fun resources like Grammarman’s free comics and FluencyMC’s grammar raps. Check out the slides for my recent webinar, How To Teach Grammar. Keep scrolling to access the bookmarks.

Groovy Grammar! Interesting ways to learn grammar! from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

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