Class Tech Tips: 15 Free Mobile Apps for Math Practice

Class Tech Tips: 15 Free Mobile Apps for Math Practice

Finding the right math app to support struggling students can be a challenge. I’ve created this list of 15 free mobile apps for math practice to help guide teachers in the right direction as they search for tools to support their students. You might decide to bring these into stations or recommend to families for extra practice at home.

Viewed thousands of times – this presentation includes some of the apps (and more) listed below:

  • Geoboard: Use this app to teach shapes, relationships, perimeter, area and more. Great for taking screenshots and annotating in an app like Explain Everything or Seesaw. (also works on a web browser)
  • ShowMe: Students can explain their thinking as they create mini movies about solving math problems. It’s a great way to “get in their head” and listen to student thinking.
  • Number Pieces: These virtual base ten blocks let students move pieces across the screen. This app is great for supporting students with addition, subtraction, place value and fractions. (also works on a web browser)

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