Visual Note Taking at a Conference

Visual Note Taking at a Conference

I have written about the evolution of note taking before. It is fascinating how the availability of tools and platforms shape our exploration of new forms of learning.

There are many ways, we can take notes. The traditional paper and pencil method is not the only way to jot down what was said, what we heard, our ideas, connections, etc. Although when searching for keywords such as “handwritten notes versus digital”, one can find many articles that cite research and make it clear that handwritten notes seem to be “better” than typed up or digital ones.

Nonetheless, I still believe that it does not hold true for everyone, nor in all situations. I also believe that we owe it to ourselves to keep experimenting with different note taking forms. With so many tools at our disposal it is up to us to try different platforms out, experiment with different media and be aware HOW each type of note taking influences our ability to create understanding, make connections, and aid in remembering what we heard and learned.

If for no other reason than for the SHARING of our notes aspect (I have terrible handwriting), visual notes can be a lot more appealing for others to WANT to look at and connect to them. Digital notes can not only be more visually appealing, but are easier to disseminate instantly to a larger audience.

Below, you will see my visual note taking attempt to document the recent AASSA Educators’ Conference in Lima, Peru.

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