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3 Easy Web Accessibility Guidelines

3 Easy Web Accessibility Guidelines

If you're an innovative educator, chances are you publish work on the web. If you publish work on the web, chances are you want others to read that work. If you want others to read that work, then you need to make it accessible. While that "sounds" good, it may "seem" hard. There are sites you can refer to like Web Aim and you can look at these 5 infographics for details. If you want to know three easy guidelines to always keep in mind, a colleague of mine, shared the following with me and I'm sharing with the innovative educators who read this blog.

Three easy guidelines for web accessibility:

  • I generally use the blog's default here, which I believe takes this into consideration.
  • This is a mistake I make often. I will go back through my recent posts and update to meet this guideline.
  • Interesting. Something I likely have done, but will stop doing in future posts.

If you prefer infographics, here is one from If you prefer infographics, here is one from

What do you think? Are these guidelines you generally follow? Any surprises?

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