Class Tech Tips: Walkabouts: Integrate Movement in Math, Language and Literacy

Class Tech Tips: Walkabouts: Integrate Movement in Math, Language and Literacy

How active are your students during the school day? Walkabouts are simple-to-use, cost-effective online lessons that integrate movement into subjects like math, language and literacy. With Walkabouts by ActivEd, preK through 2nd grade students learn while moving. This online platform includes standards-based math and English Language Arts lessons.

The Walkabouts active learning platform lets teachers…

  • Go beyond brain breaks by integrating movement into lessons. Teachers are able to see the benefits of physical activity without reducing instruction time.
  • Get students out of their chairs to learn. The lessons are guided by characters Jax and Gia who introduce new concepts, or help students review old concepts.
  • Use at-a-glance assessment. With movement integrated in a meaningful way, it’s easy for teachers to survey the room and see which students understand the lesson, and which need help.
  • Create fun, new lessons in just four clicks. Teachers can search by state and national standards, to easily find the content relevant to their classrooms.
  • Make homework fun. All students get access to Walkabouts at home, making homework active and informative.

Learn more about why active learning is important, and how Walkabouts help in this video featuring Dr. Julian Reed (the founder of ActivEd) or visit their website!

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