Add Intertitles with Peanut Gallery

Add Intertitles with Peanut Gallery

Here is a very cool tool that will help your students improve their speaking skills in a very fun and creative way.

Peanut Gallery is a Chrome Experiment that lets you add intertitles to old film clips using your voice. You choose your clip and then the tool uses your microphone and text to speech to turn your speech into text and it is pretty successful if you talk clearly and slowly. You can even add punctuation as you talk by saying such as “question mark”. When you are done, you can share your clip through different social media accounts. The tool will add music to your video once you publish your work. You can also use this tool in so many languages.

It’s a cool tool that will motivate our learners and spark their creativity. Text to speech will give them a chance to practice speaking in a fun way!

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