Class Tech Tips: 6 Ways Educating Parents Helps You Educate Kids

Family engagement tools can help parents stay informed and up-to-date with important information. A structured parent communication plan lets teachers share useful resources with the parents of their students. Bloomz is a fantastic tool teachers are using in schools across the country. It’s a mobile and web-based app designed to increase parental engagement.

Teachers and school leaders can use this platform to communicate and coordinate with families for lots of different reasons. One of the reasons I’m so excited about Bloomz is how it can help teachers share useful tips and resources with parents. It’s super easy to use and can have a big impact on the learning happening inside your classroom.

  1. Bloomz helps teachers share what’s happening in their classroom through videos and photos. This keeps parents aware of daily activities so they can facilitate conversations and extend learning at home.
  2. Connecting with parents through student portfolios sets teachers up for more productive parent/teacher conferences, since families are already in the know about their child’s progress.
  3. When students know that their family will be able to celebrate and see their work you’ve added a layer of accountability to daily lessons.
  4. Sharing behavior management information through Bloomz helps teachers and parents work together to praise good behavior and avoid disruptive behavior.
  5. Personal messages make it easy for teachers to communicate with parents what skills students need to practice at home.
  6. Teachers can use Bloomz to post video tutorials explaining the homework so parents can support their children in every subject area.

This YouTube video shows how Bloomz can be used to help parents connect with their child’s experience inside the classroom:

If you’d like to learn more about Bloomz, visit their website for more information!

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