Class Tech Tips: Apple Store Field Trip: Exciting Learning Experiences for Students

Class Tech Tips: Apple Store Field Trip: Exciting Learning Experiences for Students

As a former one-to-one classroom teacher, I know how powerful an iPad can be in the hands of students and I loved taking students on lots of field trips. There is now the opportunity to combine two of my favorite learning experiences for students… with an Apple Store field trip. At Apple retail stores, K-12 teachers can now schedule a field trip for up to 25 students at lots of different locations. When you visit the Apple Store field trip website you can use the dropdown menu to select the store you are interested in visiting.

Apple Store Field Trip: Exciting Learning Experiences for Students

So what type of Apple Store field trip is right for your students? There are five field trip themes including (1) Discovery and Experimentation, (2) Interactive Storytelling, (3) Digital Marketing, (4) Multisensory Learning, and (5) Content for the Classroom. Depending on your goals for students one type of field trip might be a better fit than another. The idea of giving students a space to explore tools that help them tell stories and problem solve makes an Apple Store field trip sound like a great idea. Since you can schedule field trips at anytime of the year, you can pick a time where there is a content area connection or an opportunity to elevate a traditional learning experience with hands-on exploration and creation.

If you’re not sure if you can squeeze an Apple Store field trip into your school schedule, they also offer field trips for teachers. You can schedule time with colleagues to come for a visit to dive into new tools and ideas for classroom integration. This is a fantastic option if you want to hone your skills as you make your way through the Apple Teacher badging program.

I’ve had the opportunity to present at Apple Stores here in New York including a special event later this week. Every time I walk into the space it’s a special experience. It’s exciting to see how many options there are for bringing students on a field trip that can spark their imagination and get their wheels spinning as they apply what they’ve learned in the classroom or explore something totally new!

Learn more about Apple Store field trip opportunities by checking out their website!

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